Fairy Tail 266

Natsu’s budding rivalry with Sting and Rogue could prove interesting, particularly considering their ties to dragons, but any more focus on these infernal cats is unacceptable. Enough is enough.

Just as Wendy was poised to transition the opportunity of a spot in the five-person team into a bigger role in the cast, she disappears. She deserves to be a featured character, not just one of the more pronounced support characters, and she especially deserves better than what is likely to be a damsel-in-distress role.

Or maybe she's just having a hot night on the town

Far too many panels are wasted on various characters’ reactions to the creepy giant pumpkin’s explanation of the preliminary battle. The information was made quite clear; quotes like “There was a preliminary event last time too, right?” and “So… 12:00 was the starting time of the preliminary event.” either give useless trivia or recap information from one page prior.

Lucy observes that an unusually high number of guilds are participating. She specifically states that 113 guilds sounds like too many for Fiore, so along with the mysterious magical presence Erza has been feeling for a few chapters, it sounds like this event has some connection to Edolas.

The creepy giant pumpkin, transforming town, and Sky Labyrinth all make for a setting with a nice carnival atmosphere. The last arc had some serious moments, so a bit of lighthearted fun would be a good change of pace.

Wendy’s absence continues to disappoint, as Elfman replaces her in the team. He’s a good character, but not as good as Wendy.

Twilight Ogre being taken out in one attack brings into question just how weak the non-disappeared members of Fairy Tail were, that they ended up ranked below guilds like this.

What is this, Cube?

Sadly, what could have been a unique focus on the navigation of this maze is turned into simple, uninteresting battles. Worse still, Erza is shamelessly reduced to her undergarments for no reason whatsoever. The group “barely” arrives in eighth place, as the stigma of being the lowest-ranked guild is overcome in exactly one chapter without any meaningful struggle whatsoever, and Wendy is confirmed to be missing, completing the set of missed opportunities in this chapter.

Final Flash: Once again, Mashima ruins his own impressive creativity by displaying his greatest weakness as an author: his complete inability to follow through on anything properly. Just like the exciting disappearance of the strong Fairy Tail guild members was ruined by their reappearance one measly week later, the promise of a creative structure and a more meaningful role for Wendy was ruined by battles and kidnapping.

[scanlation by Binktopia]


  • “Sadly, what could have been a unique focus on the navigation of this maze is turned into simple, uninteresting battles.”

    I have to disagree with this; I feel like it’s the opposite and your ideas would have been boring to most. Their action and battles are the strong points to Fairy Tail. Nobody is enjoying Fairy Tail to see them not guild-fight. Trying to keep doing other elements in the stories to complicate it and pull it away from heated battles ruins it. It just being a minor side detail is what makes it shine.

    It’s like having Iron Man and any superhero or Dragonball Z and they try to not have fights to do other things. Or to relate it to other popular guild fiction, you don’t see them not put fighting as the 100% focus at every moment in the story of Ravnica (Magic: The Gathering), and Guild Wars games.

  • I like Fairy Tail, but the only complains for this show that I have is the terrible, childish humor and I just wished it was more serious.

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