Hunter x Hunter to be Adapted as Anime Film

Mantan Web is reporting that Hunter x Hunter is set to receive an anime film adaptation. The hugely popular series from Togashi Yoshihiro (YuYu Hakusho) has been publishing since 1998 and has already received two different full anime series adaptations, but this will be its first anime film. Despite existing as a franchise for 14 years, Hunter x Hunter has been set back several times by the author’s infamous hiatuses.

Details of the film are still unknown, but the same website suggests that the plot of the film will be an original story. Mantan Web also reports that Issue 16 of Weekly Shonen Jump will contain a special message from Togashi.

More information on the series’ absences from Jump is available in the Shonen Beam article Hunter x Hiatus (Again).

Source: Mantan Web

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