Tier List Tuesday #8

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Gash & Kiyomaro
Konjiki no Gash!!
Shin Beruwan Baou Zakeruga (gargantuan lightning dragon); Maazu Jikerudon (electromagnetic sphere; deflects energy attacks or traps opponent for shock damage); variety of powerful ranged electric magic; mantle (enables flight and strong defense); superior battle awareness; great natural speed and strength.


The first new addition to the tier list this week is the pair of Gash Bell and Takamine Kiyomaro, protagonists of the riotously funny Konjiki no Gash!! Gash is a Mamono, an otherworldly being with supernatural speed and strength, whose trip to the human world partners him with Kiyomaro, a mostly ordinary human. Their fighting style relies primarily upon Kiyomaro reciting spells from Gash’s spell book, which the latter then casts. Gash specializes in creating and manipulating electricity in variety of forms, including attacks of pure lightning, electromagnetism, and even colossal electrically-charged dragons. The duo is limited by Kiyomaro’s vulnerability as a fairly average human, although his Answer Talker ability does enable him to read the movements of his opponent and the insight to dodge accordingly, and by the fact that Gash is sent back to the Mamono world if his spell book is destroyed. Still, Gash is able to protect both Kiyomaro and his own spell book thanks to his malleable defensive mantle, his great speed, and the ability to fly.

Given that Gash is fast and skilled enough to compensate for Kiyomaro’s defensive liabilities, the power and range of his massive electricity attacks is enough to overcome the entirety of High Tier. Elite Tier poses more of a challenge, but even the powerful characters at the bottom of this level don’t have the means to withstand lightning spells of such a magnitude and range. Some characters around this area could defeat Gash and Kiyomaro, such as Hitsugaya and his wide-area freezing attack, but such an advantage is only situational; Gash’s attacks are on such a scale that they could overwhelm lesser elemental users like Ace or Aokiji. Ultimately, defense is the limiting factor for this pair, as they could not cope with the superior speed or damage output of opponents like Yoshina, Hiei, or upper-level Bleach characters. The situational advantage of other characters in this area does come into play; Yoh’s control over gravity would both ignore and nullify Gash’s superior speed, and Sasuke’s would instantly burn Gash’s spell book with Amaterasu. With characters above this level too much to handle, and most anyone below it susceptible to Maazu Jikerudon, Gash and Kiyomaro end up in Elite Tier, above Death the Kid and below Uchiha Sasuke.

Thanks to forum user Thatguy331 for submitting this character to the list!


Ouba Nana
Banana no Nana
ch. 7
Controls the properties of bananas to transform them into various weapons or a shield; good durability.


Today’s next challenger is Ouba Nana, heroine of the unusual comedy-adventure series Banana no Nana. She possesses the bizarre ability to transform bananas into a variety of useful battle items, including a sword, shield, glaive, whip, and a bow and arrow. Aside from her banana-based talents, she is mostly an ordinary character, though her capacity to survive extensive attacks in a fantasy setting does indicate impressive durability.

Since Ouba lacks the exceptional physical characteristics of her new tier list rivals, she belongs near the low end of the rankings. However, while her skill is inherently comedic, it does make her a fairly potent offensive character and a reasonably sound one defensively, especially in comparison to the types of characters down in this region. Certainly, her attacks are more than enough to defeat the entirety of Bottom Tier, as well as all the realistic characters of Weak Tier. However, the top of this group does eschew realism enough to put Ouba at a disadvantage; Bon Clay’s durability exceeds her own, and is complemented by superior offense, while no manner of banana contraption could prevent Sannomiya from shooting Ouba in the face. The clear difference between the real and the surreal is a nice place for Ouba, so she can build a banana house and settle down in Weak Tier, above Takamura Mamoru and below Mr 2 Bon Clay.

Thanks to forum user Bob_Squob for submitting this character to the list!


Kouichi Yarai
Cage of Eden ch. 151
Exceptional physical strength; clutches keys between fingers to reinforce punch; great speed, reflexes, endurance, and battle intelligence.


The last newcomer this week is Kouichi Yarai, perhaps the most impressive known human in Cage of Eden. Though he bears no supernatural qualities, his superb physical strength and keen combat sense enable him to hold his own against the frightening dinosaurs that inhabit the mysterious island. More than just a simple delinquent, Kouichi excels in using clever tactics to fight his opponent, using ordinary items like keys or coins to augment his offense. He is also notably quick, both in terms of his physical agility and his mental battle instincts.

Undeniably, Kouichi is stronger than Cage of Eden protagonist Sengoku, who last week was placed at the top of Bottom Tier. Weak Tier poses a more accurate challenge for Kouichi, though his outstanding physical capabilities outclass those of characters like Kurogane and Utsuru. Kouichi’s strategic approach to fighting places him above a basic brawler like Kuzumi, and even the athletically-refined strength of a former delinquent in Sakuragi doesn’t match up to the battle-tested Yarai. Above this part of the list, though, characters either have the strength, skill, or weaponry to match up favorably with Kouichi. Shinpachi is a strong enough swordsman to defeat even a remarkable hand-to-hand fighter, and Ippo and Onizuka both exceed Kouichi’s melee ability thanks to their training in their respective martial arts. Therefore, Kouichi Yarai lands neatly in Weak Tier, above Sakuragi Hanamichi and below Shimura Shinpachi.

Thanks to forum user Happy for submitting this character to the list!


Finally, one character merits re-tiering this week. Ogami Rei of Code:Breaker was originally placed on the list based on his first power, the Azure Flame, as his Belphegor ability only countered series-specific attacks. Since then, though, he has gained the use of two new flame techniques: Mammon, in which he slashes twin flame swords to create a fiery whirlwind, and Beelzebub, an armor of intensely hot invisible flames that also rains fire of over 1500 degrees Celsius down in a radius around Ogami. The latter technique is a massive improvement in both offense and defense compared to his old tier list iteration, and as such, he moves up the list drastically to High Tier, above Monkey D. Luffy and below Maka & Soul.

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