Beamcast – Episode 15

The ending to a fantastic series is the lead story on today’s Beamcast!

Indeed, while the pages of Shonen Jump will be missing a powerful presence after Bakuman 176 signaled the end of the series, the abruptness of its finale has proven divisive among long-time fans.

Speaking of conclusions, The World God Only Knows 186 leads the way to the powerful climax of its arc, but not before its protagonist makes a stunning announcement about his own intentions.

It’s not all romance, though; Beelzebub 153 is overloaded with ridiculous comedy and even the beginnings of a great fight. Soul Eater 97 is set to start some new fights of its own, just as soon as everyone’s dressed and ready for it. Finally, Medaka Box 143 has some negative things to say about you, but don’t listen to it. You’re great.

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2:31 – Bakuman 176 (end)
24:49 – The World God Only Knows 186
37:20 – Beelzebub 153
45:51 – Soul Eater 97
51:07 – Medaka Box 143


  • I never really liked how Bakuman resolves the problems regarding the “villains” of the series. I’m a huge fan of redemption so I didn’t really like how they resolved the entire thing about Nanamine.

    Also, Shiratori is reason I dropped Bakuman for some time.

    • Yeah, you make a great point. I really should have thought to talk about Nanamine, because I was fairly disappointed he didn’t factor into the ending at all.

      As for dropping the series because of Shiratori: You’re not the only one! That was around the time that this website went on its long hiatus, and I was all too happy to stop reading about Shiratori. Bakuman obviously got much better after that, but the people who dropped the series with me at that time are reluctant to pick it back up. I’m even having a hard time convincing my own girlfriend to continue it, haha! What an awful character Shiratori was.

      • i think practically everyone dropped Bakuman at that point lol. he never even appeared in a relevant manner again after that. >_> if only there was a point to putting us through all that Shiratori shit, sheesh.

  • I will really miss Bakuman! Although the ending felt rushed it’s refreshing to see that Muto did the same proposing like in the first chapter. One thing I hate though is about the Eiji issue…It’s like “let’s focus on the romance since after 150 chapters it’s all about rivals!”. But heck, it’s finished. I hope the new titles cans satisfy my weekly bakuman thirst.

    Yeah, it looks like TWGOK is gonna have an epic climax! All the building up and etc. I can’t wait for the next chapter! But I think the author’s ending this one, cause after the goddess arc now what? It’s kinda bad to see the “we’re back to hunting girls again!” story because if more girls are added the older ones will be most likely forgotten… Anyways, good beamcast! I really like your voice! You should be a Dj or somethin!

    • I agree that it’s difficult to see how Wakaki could continue KamiNomi after this arc, but then again, I haven’t been able to accurately predict anything this series throws at us for a while now, so who knows. As we discussed in the past, too, it feels really strange that the series would end without Elsie being involved at all. Either way, I don’t think we can lose; if the series ends, then it had an amazing ending, and if it continues, we get more excellent stories.

      Thank you very much for the compliments!

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