Beamcast – Episode 34

A great week for the Big 3 is up for discussion in this episode of Beamcast!

The moving events of Bleach 502 warrant more conversation about this series than perhaps ever before on this show, with Byakuya’s presumed fate continuing to elevate the Vandenreich as a terrifying force.

One Piece 675 sheds some light on the specifics of the arrangement between Law and Caesar Clown, but whereas the mad scientist comes out of the deal looking more impressive than ever, the young Supernova still has some explaining to do.

Finally, Naruto 595 demonstrates that regardless of disappointing plot developments, Kishimoto is still capable of producing fantastic action sequences.

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1:26 – Bleach 502
17:56 – One Piece 675
26:57 – Naruto 595

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  • Yeah I also want Kenpachi to lose, both for the sake of his own character and the credibility of of the villains. Kenpachi’s fun to watch and all, but he needs a fight where he struggles or loses to actually give us some actual grounding. With his recent novel and his 2h kendo swing nonsense, there really seems to be no point in having villains at all. (I mean why didn’t he just kendo Ichigo back in SS?) With the way Kubo writes it appears that Kenpachi could just walk into anything and the problem is solved. At least give like a rock paper scissors sorta weakness or something. Like maybe he’d do poorly against poison users like Mayuri, or have him fight competent reiatsu absorbers or something. There needs to be some sort of tension so audience has more of a reason to care for the outcome.

    Haha glad to see you guys like CC. CC is both legitimately cunning and fallible, in direct opposition to the cookie cutter smugly apathetic mastermind megalomaniacal tortured-soul type villains. He’s really fun to watch. Also while Law’s heart was repeatedly punched, Oda stopped them right before they got to hit Smoker’s heart. It seems like a bit of foreshadowing. Maybe Law pulled the old switcheroo? And chopper’s still out and about. Hopefully we get to see Chopper, Nami, and Usopp get to be the heroes for a bit.

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