Rosario + Vampire 63

Most of this chapter focused on concluding the battle between the main characters and Kahlua Shuzen. Previous chapters had shown that she was someone to be feared, even if she never demonstrated the full scope of her power until now. Aside from the unnerving fact that her crying signified her being prepared to kill, it was difficult to judge her as a fighter when we already knew that her sister Akuha was more powerful.

The style she uses in this battle is nothing short of monstrous. Having a body comprised of a liquid-like substance is by no means something completely original, but what makes it scary is how she demonstrates it. The artwork does a great job at portraying her self-mutilation with all the impact it deserves, which manages to evoke memories of villains in more traditional horror works.


A sight that can make any fan’s skin crawl.

Having her be so intimidating an opponent also serves to highlight how much the heroes have grown. It doesn’t feel like that long ago when Kurumu, Mizore and Kokoa were just involved in fights so that Moka and Tsukune could save them. For them to be able to work as a team and successfully overpower Kahlua is a strong moment for them. It also speaks highly of their intelligence, because their victory came both as a result of their increased aptitude for magic and their ability to plan around an unusual fighting style.

It’s especially noteworthy for Kokoa, who has always been in the shadows of her older sisters in terms of fighting ability. Now that she was finally able to rise to their level, all her hard work over the course of the series has real meaning. It’s certainly much more striking than if Moka has gotten the victory, like she tends to.


A moment between sisters, although not the kind most would expect.

The rest of the chapter didn’t feel quite as interesting, but mainly served to remind the audience of the other events happening at the same time as this one. Tsukune and Hokuto have run into Kiria, who unveils his true form as a chimera born from the cells of Alucard and prepares to face off against his former superior. Yukari and Fong Fong are briefly seen continuing their fight against one of the Branch Chiefs, although the conclusion to this scene feels rather foreboding as the enemy appears to be preparing some kind of technique or trap for them. These moments didn’t add very much, but it’s nice to see the occasional glimpses of the characters and what they’re up to in this hectic encounter.

Final Flash: Putting the rest of the main characters in the spotlight made for some great development.

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