Nanatsu no Taizai 62

The title of this week’s chapter is “Unstoppable Villains”, although at first this seems like the exact opposite of what the chapter should be called. Most of the action in the chapter shows the main characters busting through the Holy Knights with next to no resistance. Most likely the title refers to the Seven Deadly Sins themselves, given how they’re viewed as the villains by a good portion of the world. The other possibility is that the series thinks a little too highly of the new group introduced at the end of the chapter.


The characters have much bigger concerns than random, nameless enemies.

At this point, having the main characters capable of utterly destroying low level Holy Knights is no surprise, even within the series. They were considered cannon fodder even at the start of the story, when the main character could fight them off close to barehanded. These enemies spend two pages sending attacks at Meliodas in rapid succession, which only happens in shonen if the focus is on how powerless those attacks are against their target. This is not necessarily bad, and in this case it’s a sign of good pacing that the act of charging through the enemy forces takes little setup and less than a chapter to portray.

The most important part of the chapter is what happens at the very end. The Sins turn out to not be the only force assaulting the castle, as the other gate is approached by an army led by King Arthur, an unexpected appearance if ever there was one. All that has been shown of his character and allegiance is that the Holy Knights are both surprised and not pleased at their sudden appearance. This could easily lead to either a three-way conflict or Arthur joining with one side against the other. With the almost certain appearance of Merlin alongside Arthur, the chapters to come should hold some interesting developments.


A new faction makes its grand entrance.

The designs of the new enemy don’t look too different from the Holy Knights, unfortunately. If Arthur had not been personally identified as Arthur, he would look almost indistinguishable from the other enemies shown so far. The presence of his massive army does help him feel somewhat different, though. The Holy Knights have been well established as individuals with incredible power, rather than any kind of cohesive army. While that army itself would likely never be able to withstand an attack from Meliodas, the ability to command such numbers helps Arthur stand out. Most other antagonists in Nanatsu no Taizai feel more like the type to kill their subordinates over petty grievances, after all.

Final Flash: Some good, quick action and the start of what look like major developments. A fairly good chapter overall.

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