Beelzebub 237

Beelzebub, as of late, has been stuck on turbo mode, in what looks like a mad dash towards the end. This is disappointing for the series, not because of the prospect of its end, but rather because of all of Beelzebub‘s unused plot. Before the gang went to America, all of the pieces were in place for the start of one grand final arc. The side players were preparing for what was to come, and many had hoped that Baby Beel’s meeting with his mother and the Solomon Company would serve as the catalyst for the final arc. In a way, they have become the catalyst, but that is only because they were the masterminds of the entire series up until this point. The decision must have been made to end the series earlier than planned, which is reflected in how poorly executed the last couple of developments have been. The Solomon Company was more or less made a non-element for the time being and all focus was reverted to Fuji. While Fuji does seem like a formidable threat along with his partner Satan, he has received little to no actual development as he has been nothing but a silhouette until recently. If Fuji is to be the final villain at this stage, then Beelzebub will be ending on a bit of a sour note.

That said, this chapter starts off fiercely, as it should after last week’s return of Baby Beel, which was another development that has failed to have much impact because of the rapid pace. While Beel’s absence and Oga’s lack of reluctance when giving him up were both noted, not enough time has passed to make this moment feel meaningful. Everything seems to have been fast-forwarded to this fight and at this point it’s rather unclear whether the fight is progressing properly or not. The action in the fight does make it feel rather serious, what with the damage Satan and Fuji are dealt early on. This brings up another issue, as earlier, Oga was seriously overpowered by Fuji himself, but Beel’s mere insertion into the equation apparently warrants going into what looks like Fuji’s final state. The battle would have been better had it gone on a little longer before resorting to this; however, the series seems bent on bringing the fight to its final stages already.

Looks like Fuji wants to end this quick.

Looks like Fuji was given permission from the editors to end this quickly.

Yet, despite all of this, some hope remains that could derail the rush to the end, and that is the Solomon Company itself. In all of the chaos, it should be noted that everything going on is fitting in with their plan to overthrow the overlord, so it would be remiss to say that there’s nothing left after this fight in terms of development. While it could very well be dealt in Beelzebub fashion with a quick resolution, here’s hoping that something comes from it, specifically something that takes the action to the Demon World and feels less slapdash than the current state of this arc.

Final Flash: For a final fight, this doesn’t have enough buildup or emotional investment. If the pace doesn’t get in the way, the battle should be good. However, the rush to get here has certainly damaged all the potential this battle could have had.


  • It really is a shame that Beelzebub has to end like this, especially since for me this was one of the few series I actually followed since it’s debut. I wasn’t entirely sold on Oga handing off Beel the way he did since I felt that was rushed as well (seriously he basically went super sayin, flung whats his name out the window then just left him there) but I really was hoping the road to getting him back would be more satisfying. If it’s going to come down to whether the fight is entertaining or not I’m at least feeling positive that it will be since Tamura has drawn some pretty nice action scenes from even the beginning with the second round of Oga vs. Tojo (which to this day is still one of my favorite manga fights just for it being pure fist delinquent fighting). All I can ask for now is to hope this ends with a bang and not a whimper, This is Ryuhei’s first manga after all so I hope what he comes up with next will supersede this one.

    • It is going to be a little strange following up Beelzebub, but it certainly seems like Tamura can come back with a fresh new concept. Beelzebub has a certain flavor to it that is more indicative of its author than anything else, so I’m really looking forward to his next work as well’

  • Damn, it’s really sad to see Beelzebub go into the doldrums while far less deserving manga – I’m looking at you, Naruto and Fairy Tail – are going to continue for eternities. And here I was hoping for the Demon World. And all the plotlines from earlier on are going to be unresolved Sad(

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