Beelzebub 238

For a final fight, Tamura does his best to salvage what was lost in the mad rush to the end of the series. The brevity of the fight itself can be forgiven as the chapter doubled down on the action, which is a plus after the chapters leading up to this. The brief glimpse of Oga’s power-up when they were in America seemed too much like Super Saiyan, so it’s no surprise that Tamura took the joke and ran with it, making Super Saiyan Oga one of the brighter points in the series as of late. This nice development evolves well with the battle itself, as it slowly turns into a fight reminiscent of Dragon Ball, further lending to Beelzebub’s brand of comedy, which was missing for a while.

Seems his power level wasn't high enough.

Looks like his power level wasn’t high enough.

However, Fuji remains the sour note in this composition, mainly due to being underdeveloped and just plain unremarkable. As a casualty of the accelerated pace, Fuji doesn’t stand out amongst previous adversaries and now just fills the role of a generic demon. Fuji and Satan should have been developed better if they were planned to be the final enemy. Alas, for this reason, Fuji and Satan have too little invested in them to make the battle exciting, and this will stand as one of the biggest blunders in Beelzebub. The final attack at the end of the chapter sounds random and goofy enough for Oga to pull out, so it’s less likely that this will be a generic beam attack and possibly some comedic move of sorts. This is where the author shines, so hopefully this will be the last glorious moment for the series as it closes down.

Final Flash: Oga’s antics are great, but there’s just not enough about Fuji and Satan worth caring about.


  • I found it hilarious when Oga acknowledged the obvious Super Saiyan power up XD. It was a good bit of humor the series hasn’t really had recently. I also couldn’t agree more on the lack of development that Satan-Fuji has, and it’s very annoying to see a fight whose conflict isn’t really felt by the audience. However, I know you guys at Shonen Beam have been treating this arc as a potential “finale” for Beelzebub, but I feel as though this isn’t necessarily the case. The idea of Fuji being this guys who showed up out of essentially nowhere, being one the last major villans doesn’t seem like something Tamura would do. I feel as though the ending to this manga is coming through the whole interaction between Oga, beel and his mother, but I think that the Current Demon Lord Beelzebub III is still a huge mystery. Based on what we’ve seen he’s (As furuichi and Oga say) a total flake, but I feel that being able to properly develop a character as prominent (despite his actions being nearly all comedic) is needed for closure, and may require 1 more final arc to the series.

    • Also as a side-note did the art seem different this chapter? It’s obviously still the same overall, but something seems off….

    • I agree, in the previous review, I acknowledged that there is a way out for the series, what with everything going according to the Solomon Company’s plan at the moment. But even so, for such a high profile fight, it’s somewhat falling flat.

    • It has confirmed that this will be the last arc of Beelzebub, you can check it on twitter @manganewsjapon . It is ending because it was cut down by the Jump editorial after its recent ranking. Personally I can’t believe that Beelzebub has to received this treatment, is it so unpopular in Japan?

      • Yes, the rankings for it have ben rather consistently terrible.

        • That’s a shame to hear, it honestly seemed like Ryuhei had a bit more of a plan for how this would all pan out but I guess the Japanese audience wasn’t interested. I wish I could do a study on just what the difference in views on manga the Japanese have than the ones we do, especially considering it’s their culture and they’re exposed to it so much more.

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