Beamcast – Episode 85

Jean and Danny run rule over the week in shonen on today’s Beamcast!

First this week is Beelzebub 240, the sudden finale to what has been a thoroughly enjoyable series. It has not been without its faults, including the disappointing rushed pace of this closing arc, but years of consistent comedy and fun action will make this a hard series to replace in the pages of Jump.

The World God Only Knows 261 is the latest installment of a story in sparkling form, as the tension from all the intertwining conflicts and plot lines is rising beautifully. In particular, the author’s bold artistic approach in recent chapters has been laudable.

Next, Fairy Tail 372 warrants its occasional mention on this show thanks to its decision to move away from the reprehensible torture scenes and back towards ordinary action. While the everyday events of this series are hardly praiseworthy on their own merit, they’re at least a considerable improvement on the author’s latest example of his disgusting treatment of his female characters.

Finally, Seo Kouji returns before he even properly left with Fuuka 1-3, the start of a new voyage sure to be full of carefree fun and heartwarming relationships. Joking aside, Suzuka may have set a nice precedent, but this author has work to do to overcome the infamy he rightly achieved in his freshly-completed angst-fest Kimi no Iru Machi.

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1:10 – Beelzebub 240 (end)
13:42 – The World God Only Knows 261
23:53 – Fairy Tail 372
40:22 – Fuuka 1-3 (new)


  • Farewell Beelzebub…at least until Beelzebub darkness comes out…

    I have to say despite the fact that I’ve been following the series since it was only in the 50’s in chapters, a part of me can’t say I enjoyed this quite as much as I would have liked overall. To me the best parts of the series were between chapter 1 and the 130’s since, to me at least, it seemed more like a bag of controlled chaos. After the Jabberwock arc, while still entertaining, the fact that nothing was really going on for a while kind of made the series lose a little of it’s charm with me, and I do stress little…because I felt it really started losing it with the Christmas party arc and the last arc with Solomon company.

    I’ll try to get to the point: The Christmas party simply wasn’t as funny to me as what came before and with the solomon company arc, while there were some good nuggets here and there, Ryuhei kind of made the mistake of relying more on action, which, on it’s own wasn’t as good as it could have been. Most of the fights were handled by Oga and whenever anyone else got to have an action scene it was pretty brief and could even happen off-screen (lookin’ at you tojo). This isn’t really to say I wanted Beelzebub to become a full on action, but I would have appreciated some balance in how the cast got to show off what they could do. After the takamiya fight, the best things we really got was captain fuck and oga going copyright infringement mode everything else just kind of happened and got ruined because we had to rush to the finish. So much could have been handled better and we never got it, which given the situation I understand but it’s still depressing.

    That said I think this series will still have a place in my heart. Much like how Gash Bell does for being the first manga I’ve ever read, I’ve been following this series for most of the time I’ve been a manga fan and I still enjoyed the series alot 3 years out of it’s five I just wish we had that blaze of glory rather than a sizzle. Oh well, I can only hope for the best of Beelzebub darknesss (or whatever it’ll actually be called in jump square)

    I have a little less to say on TWGOK, but I have to agree that this is one of the best shonen manga I read weekly, second being AC (I REFUSE TO CALL IT ASSCLASS THAT’S A TERRIBLE NICKNAME!) The author really does give the impression he knows what he’s doing and that something I love sensing in an author’s work, it’s why I like One Piece as much as I do. I have to say I don’t mind Keima not interacting with Ayumi and Chihiro (Yes I do feel if constantly used it could get stale or even annoying) for a while because I like how Tenri is being handled so far and, if I’m being perfectly honest, me being a fan of Detective Conan a part of me didn’t really mind Keima being in the past for so long. I do agree however that we have been focusing on a few things for too long ( the … and … arcs) and this isn’t as good as the goddess hunt arc, but I still look forward to this each week and look forward to what comes next so Wakaki is definitely doing something right.

    I’ve stopped reading fairy tail quite awhile ago but I did stick around to listen in on it’s segment and you guys pretty much summed up why I dislike the series and got sick of it: I care for pretty much no one, it’s as cliche as I’ve ever seen (and not in the good way like Gurren Lagann or Kill la Kill *though those are anime-only*) an Natsu is just so stero-typically Shonen MC that he starts to get on my nerves for how stale he feels. It’s a bad sign when I actually WANT the dragon to incinerate the entire guild along with that stupid island they were on!

    I haven’t read Fuka (any of Seo Kouji’s works) but I guess I’ll give that and his better series a shot at some point.

  • Ah, Beelzebub was great while it lasted. I’m going to miss it. I read so many monthly series that Beelzebub was the only thing I’d look forward to week after week.

    I suppose everyone has their own take on the epilogue…and I agree in the most part with it being abrupt. It was abrupt, yet still satisfying? I guess when I read it, I couldn’t help but think the author just wanted to come clean with a couple of things.

    I know I’m a Furuichi fan, but it felt really obvious to me the author was giving him the best deal out of the lot. After a 2 year time skip, he’s now super revered and admired by everyone, and has ruled Ishiyama as Oga’s cool-looking no.2. That is straight up favorite character wish fulfilment. The fact that Oga, Beel, and Hilda — the series’ main characters — show up only at the end hammers the point home. Even the gag ending benefited Furuichi, with Beel’s second word being his nickname. I mean, Furuichi wasn’t even in the demon world, yet Baby Beel still knew his name best.

    Another thing was the lack of romantic conclusion. I think Tamura got tired of the romcom antics during the Christmas arc, hence why the arcs that follow are devoid of it. But by that point I think a lot of people still expected something to happen. I’m glad it didn’t. All your ships can be canon, if you want them to be. In fact I think it would have skewed the whole epilogue off if we just saw a string of who got together with whom. The way the Tohoushinki were shown felt very natural to me. The older ones are already working, and Kunieda is still stuck in between being a teenager and being an adult. It felt realistic.

    Oh dear, I babbled about this for way too long. But the series was great, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to new people.

    • It’s shonen, in a game of romance that isn’t the main genre the best you get is the main character thinking love is a kind of food.

      • Yeah but how many people in fandom thought Beelzebub would be an exception to this? A lot, actually. I kind of knew it would never happen because Oga is really that uninterested. Actually I found the romcom-but-no-couples refreshing as well. High school is one of those times where you’re attracted to everyone but can’t seem to handle yourself well enough to score.

        • I think fans’ expectations about romance are more indicative of the behavior of current fandoms than they are anything to do with storytelling. Shonen action series are rarely interested in romance, and when they are, they make it obvious. Oga never gave any indication that he was interested in Aoi or anyone, and while I would have been fine with development on that end, it never materialized, so romance in the ending would have felt out of place.

          Some outspoken fans today tend to create their own unfounded expectations, then raise a fuss when the author doesn’t see things the same way. I’ve actually seen people swear off reading Naruto because the author wasn’t directly addressing the “obvious” attraction between Naruto and Sasuke, and his take on his own characters was “incorrect.” That’s an extreme example, and your example of what Beelzebub fans expected isn’t as severe, but it still shows that what some modern fans say should be taken with a grain of salt.

          In short, “headcanon” is a dirty word.

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