Beamcast – Episode 86

Jean, Danny, and Jon return for more Big 3 analysis on Beamcast!

First, Naruto 666 offers up more Obito action as the former villain now fights alongside the Shinobi Alliance against Madara. Such a change of hear isn’t exactly foreign territory for this series, but the extent to which Obito’s personality has changed leads to yet more questionable plot decisions.

The aftereffects of Rukia’s Bankai are on show in Bleach 570, before she accepts praise from her beloved brother and passes the scene over to Yachiru. This is a great opportunity for a refreshing new fight to make up for the mistakes of the previous two, yet Gwenhael’s ability carries some uncomfortable familiarity.

Finally, One Piece 739 is mostly concerned with developing the Thunderous Soldier of Rage, a competent character who might just be in over his head. The chapter-ending twist suggests he could become much more convincing in the near future, but until then, he could use some assistance in carrying the story.

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1:12 – Naruto 666
22:36 – Bleach 570
39:36 – One Piece 739


  • OK can I please be clarified on why everyone seems to hate brook because I’m not remotely on the same page.

    As for the rest of the chapter, I liked the fact that Usopp and Robin are starting to get in on some action, and I’m actually curious as to what’s going to happen in the Colosseum for once.

    • I don’t hate Brook, I just feel strongly that he shouldn’t be in the crew. His dream isn’t nearly as lofty as the others’, his humor is repetitive, he makes the crew too large, he deprived the series of a great running joke (Luffy never getting his musician), his introduction came too soon after Franky joined so Franky didn’t get to shine in his first arc after joining like everyone else did, and worst of all, Brook’s most important characteristics are too similar to other crew members’ (Franky’s weirdness, Sanji’s perversion, Zoro’s swordsmanship, etc.).

      I love Brook as a standalone character, but he should have stayed in Thriller Bark. No part of him warrants being around for the remainder of the series.

      • That makes no sense when you say “lofty dreams”. If that’s the case then Sanji’s dreams of finding the great blue are just as lofty. What’s the great blue? Does he know where it is? Why is he chasing for it? And then there’s Ussopp’s dream? He wants to be a brave warrior of the sea? He’s already that. He’s been a brave warrior of the sea this entire series, so his dream is already being done, and as such he too has no real reason to still be part of the crew besides being friends with the crew itself.

        Brook’s dreams to find Laboon isn’t exactly lofty. He wants to find something just like everyone else on the crew. Plus, he also doesn’t want to be alone. You gotta remember Brooks been alone for a long time and obviously wants to enjoy the friends he’s traveling with now, and have as much fun as he can.

        Brook’s characteristic being like everyone else is true, but that says a lot about the others as well. Chopper’s just like Luffy with his naive wonderment along with Ussopp’s fearfulness. So what? Chopper shouldn’t be on the crew simply because he’s like the others and can get a long with them on an equal emotional level?

        You build the Straw hat crew up as if they’re some exclusive group of pirates who won’t let anyone join unless they have a special characteristic, when in actuality, it’s the loyalty, respect, and desire to go on that is what is valued in the Straw Hat crew. Their just a big family who go on adventures.

        Brook’s character may be comic relief and at times jarring, but that’s also what makes Brook so different. He’s both full of fun and perverted but also won’t abandon his crew so easily. Plus he’s batshit crazy from isolation for 100 something years, yeah he’s gonna be a bit off.

        • Have to agree with the others here. I think what this comes down to personal bias rather than statements of truth. Brook (along with Chopper, Robin, and Luffy) is my favorite member of the crew and I’m pretty sure he always will be. I think he’s a very well written and likable character with his own goal, humour, and presence in the series. His interactions with Luffy were/are my favourite between any combination of the two straw hats, so when I saw that he joined I was over the moon.

          I mean, I’d much rather Brook got some page time rather than Usopp or Sanji or Franky, any day of the week. But I wouldn’t go as far to say that those characters don’t deserve to be on the crew; that’s a great injustice to those characters. And whilst I dislike the notion that Oda is this perfect being who can do no wrong, if there is one area that he does brilliantly it is the crew, their individual characters and their interactions with one another. The balance in numbers is an issue, but then again, Oda isn’t perfect.

        • Dragonmaster 20112: Just to be clear, my problem with Brook’s dream is that it is *not* lofty. It’s passive, something to be done after the adventure is over, and most importantly, something that doesn’t require the adventure at all. Everyone else needs to go along with Luffy to fulfill their ambitions; Brook doesn’t.

          I said nothing at all of the Straw Hat crew being exclusive. My point is that the first eight all need each other for their goals as much as for the camaraderie. Brook is only there for the camaraderie, and while I like that, I don’t feel it’s quite enough. At least, I don’t think it’s enough right now; as I mentioned in another comment, I’d be happier with Brook if he’d just joined the crew somewhere in the New World.

          I should make it clear that these are really minor gripes, too. I honestly do love Brook, I just have some little reservations about him.

          Also, I don’t recognize your name, so hello! Thanks for listening and commenting.

          Kuro: Of course it’s personal bias! I never claimed otherwise. This is an opinion site; if I took the time to clarify “in my opinion” every time I expressed one, I’d never get anything done.

          • Don’t worry, I understand and respect your opinions (for the most part, we all have differing tastes after all) and that’s why I frequent this site. Most commentary/reviews on shonen manga is pure drivel, for the most part. I wasn’t trying to dismiss your thoughts on Brook, more just saying that this was a matter of opinion and I agreed with the others above! I guess it just hurts fans when a member of the crew is insulted in whatever way.

            I can only wonder what would happen when/if a new crew member joins. It’ll be the first time since One Piece’s popularity truly boomed, and with much more internet focus on the series now I wonder if a new character would be welcomed so easily as the others have been. I mean, every time we see a new character being introduced it becomes a debate of will/won’t they join the crew and how awesome/awful would that be! So when it actually does happen I can only imagine what will happen.

            On another note, great podcast! Hoping this next fight in Bleach will be interesting. Yachiru showing off some powers would be brilliant to see. Kenpachi’s return is kind of inevitable with the focus on her (and Isane) so it’s more a matter of when than if, I think.

  • Alright, those are fair points (the amount of people who seems to sweep his skull jokes under the rug really does confuse me as they are repetitive and I do agree on the traits *though at this moment brook to me seems like a lesser evil to what Sanji’s become as of late*) however every time I read a one piece review and Brook ever gets brought up at all, it’s as though he were obito or something. I also disagree with this whole notion I seem to see that brook should just get less and less page time so the “more important SH’s can get it” and that’ll solve the problem. That’s being too lax on Oda, like it or not he added brook to the crew and it’s his responsibility to ensure he earns his keep as a character as such. Recently you said you finally began to like franky and accept that he’s apart of the crew right? (but really Paulie? He was just a covert sanji with ropes!)Well I doubt just ejecting and pretending he isn’t there is going to make it any better, just worse if anything.

    Also who said that had to be a running joke? If anything it could have just been Oda teasing that he was coming, especially considering he had planned on Brook arriving by the time Laboon FIRST appeared (proven from a data book). On that note, I sincerely doubt that Oda even placed that plot point in there for absolutely no reason other than for brook to just want to find him. Luffy doesn’t let people on his crew because he feels they could mess up the future, that’s possibly dragon. He lets people he see’s as respectful friends who can help him in some way.As for a purpose in the story, I sincerely doubt Oda, when he was first planning the series created brook for no real reason. True I’m mainly speculating but there is some evidence to support this.

    • Obito?! haha, definitely not. I really do love Brook, I just don’t think he should be in the crew now. One thing I forgot to mention is that I would actually be fine with Brook joining if it was only later in the series. In general, I wish Oda had spaced out the new members a little more. I miss the chemistry of the 5-person and 7-person crews, and the 8-person crew never really happened because Brook was rushed in.

      More than that, I don’t like how we’ve entered the New World with either zero or one crew member left to join, based on Luffy’s original idea of 10 people (which either means the crew will total 10 people, or Luffy will have 10 nakama, totaling 11). With new crew members joining being such a special part of the series, it’s a pity that it might not happen in the second half of the story. If everything about Brook was exactly the same, except he debuted in chapter 942 rather than 442, I’d be much happier.

      As for Paulie: Definitely. Franky’s grown on me because he’s done more since he joined, but Paulie could have done the same. Based solely on the events of Water 7, I found Paulie much more promising.

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