Beamcast – Episode 91

Jean and Jeff are back for more shonen discussion on Beamcast!

First, The World God Only Knows 264 celebrates a moment a long time in the making: Keima’s return to the present. His escapades as his child self certainly had their flaws, but this often-maligned arc has since proven itself as invaluable in the protagonist’s development, which is now set to be proven by his upcoming interaction with the girls who have summoned him.

Nanatsu no Taizai 71 keeps its particular brand of chaos coming with yet more splendid action scenes and, perhaps most encouraging of all, the resolution to allow protagonists to suffer meaningful setbacks. Too often, shonen authors coddle and dote upon their stars, but at least in the case of Diane and Gowther, this series has passed this test brilliantly – for now. Meliodas awaits.

Next, Kuroko no Basket 254 continues to prominently feature the individual battles of side characters, which in many series is a positive, but in this one is troublesome. As important as the supporting cast is to any series, it cannot be made to overshadow what matters most, and in this case, Kuroko and Kagami have been ignored for too long.

Finally, Gintama 485 serves as a reaffirmation of Sorachi’s skill as a comedy author. His genre is one that is sadly easily overlooked, yet he – along with other comedians – deserves recognition for being able to provide such consistent quality over a long period of time.

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1:20 – The World God Only Knows 264
15:23 – Nanatsu no Taizai 71
32:11 – Kuroko no Basket 254
46:17 – Gintama 485

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