Beamcast – Episode 92

Jean, Jon, and Danny are here for more Big 3 discussion on Beamcast!

One Piece 742 leads the show with its look at the past exploits of Kyros and the current events surrounding Usopp. The flashback explaining the history and motivation of the former “Thunderous Soldier of Rage” works well to move him into a higher echelon of characters, while Usopp’s haphazard victory at the end of the chapter is certainly striking, to say the least.

Elsewhere, Zaraki is all the rage in Bleach 574, as Yachiru’s returning savior is given both hype and the opportunity to show off. Gremmy’s casual participation in this fight is cause enough for slight concern, but the clash of styles, personalities, and abilities keeps the action moving nicely.

Finally, Naruto 670 chronicles the dire conversation – once it actually starts – between Hagoromo and the catastrophically unfunny protagonist, whose attempts at levity aren’t even close to being the most egregious error committed in this chapter. No, that dishonor is reserved exclusively for news of the hero’s lineage and latent power, both of which dismantle the most important central theme of the series.

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1:11 – One Piece 742
15:33 – Bleach 574
28:18 – Naruto 670

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  • The Naruto chapter was loathsome. The only possible way I can see any redemption is that the chakra reincarnation only happened after Naruto proved himself. Somehow. Destiny/fate can be used well, but only if it’s brought up from the start. Way to tear down, step on, and destroy the main theme of the series. While being unfunny at the same time. Ugh.

    How in the world does the zombie jutsu work if people are reincarnating anyway?

    Bleach pacing makes it hard to get into the chapter. Just when I think it should be starting it’s over, but all in all it wasn’t bad.

    And Oda, unlike Kishimoto, does mood whiplash well. Those who panels with the swing got to me, as did the fact Kyros wore gloves when holding his baby girl. I’m kind of disappointed we didn’t see more of the Usopp fight, but that last page makes up for it. The man makes face faults an art form.

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