Beamcast – Episode 93

Jean and Jeff take a quick look through the week of shonen on Beamcast!

First up is Stealth Symphony 6, the latest chapter of a series already garnering plenty of attention. Jig’s early adventures in unfamiliar and dangerous surroundings are going over well with many readers, so the introductory conflict he faces here will need to parlay that early advantage into long-term interest.

From a newcomer to a multimedia phenomenon: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 69 mostly settles an enjoyable arc, but not before serving up a massive dose of confusion. Light novel enthusiasts undoubtedly have the edge in deciphering Touma’s latest intervention in Misaka’s life, while those who exclusively read the manga can only stand in bewilderment over what happened.

Finally, Hayate no Gotoku! 445 twists its affable protagonist into someone far more sinister before sending him off to fall into the depths of a haunted island. Perhaps lovestruck Hinagiku will finally realize the futility in chasing after such an unlucky man.

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1:10 – Stealth Symphony 6
18:19 – To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 69
29:55 – Hayate no Gotoku! 445


  • I find the ‘to aru’ series both fascinating and frustrating in the regard of how it’s spin-offs and cannon work. I find it amazing just how much effort this guy puts into this series and how he tries to make EVERY. LITTLE. THING. canon, but I also find it somewhat irritating that we have to get all these spin offs instead of just covering it all in one well done story line like other series. I’m glad its successful and all, especially considering I like it a lot more than a lot of other Light Novel based series (not at all to say it’s the best, so far my pick for that is kino’s journey and I can name a few others)but it is a bit trying when moments like this happen…

    Now I’ll be honest for a second and say that the first time I saw the spoiler for this on tumblr without receiving any other context my gut thought was: “FUCK YEAH, SHIT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!” but speaking seriously I do have something of an issue with the fact that it was even used at all especially given how little detail is really given on it. This first appeared in the second novel where Touma was fighting the alchemist dude, but back then it was written in a way to make us think that it appeared due to a distortion in space caused by the alchemist due to Touma (ironically enough) putting up an act to frighten him after his arm got cut off *yes I know it sounds pretty silly and even though there is more info on that…yeah* It doesn’t show up again til much MUCH later when shit really hits the fan but even then Kamichi is still very stingy on giving out information regarding that, hell when it DID appear again it was in something of a similar fashion! Given how the series had been structured, as a LN reader I can say that he may finally be ready to start giving out some answers but that depends in may, and even then I can’t promise if it’ll be satisfactory or not…even if I do personally find is awesome as hell.

    Getting onto Railgun and where it goes next I can honestly say I have no real clue, given the timeline unless we take a massive leap forward there isn’t exactly much I can speculate on. It’s obvious Misaka will be dealing a bit more and more into the dark underbelly of AC but I can’t imagine who we’d be focusing on next…unless we do some sort of arc with Uiharu…I know that sounds odd but from what I know that could possibly be a trigger for something before the biggest thing of all happens. I’m more interested in the characters who may surround her at the time one of them being the level 5’s but otherwise I’m perfectly willing to just let time tell the tale, just so long as it’s actually about something instead of one off chapters.

  • Stealth: I’ll admit to my biases, I haven’t read much of illegal rare because

    A.) I don’t like vampires that much

    B.) I hate over angsty series

    and part of the reason I have a semblance of confidence in how it may turn it out later is due to the author’s track record (which in hindsight made for great anime since I have read nether manga nor Light Novel version of either) but I will say that I am legitimately getting somewhat interested in what’s going on now with chapters 5 and 6. The previous chapters haven’t been that interesting due to the fact that all the character before then have just been checking off a cliche list without actually having charm (that I find a bit of in the robot eyed girl). I can’t say I was really bothered by how un-seriously these ‘themes’ are being taken especially considering how Ryohgo handles this in his other series (ESPECIALLY baccano)and while I understand getting a sense of hollowness I’m not entirely sure if that’s what he’s going for. All I can say is that I hope something interesting happens soon because I would at least like to see this series actually swing the bat first…

    and if it fails, oh well Durarara season 2!!

    Hayate: You mention Hayate’s consistency and even if for me it was a drag to marathon through all the episodic comedic chapters in order to gain proper context and find the ‘serious arcs’ I will say I have read enough to a point where I’m confident the author won’t over use this side of Hayate in the wrong places and that the true weight of this arc will come in due time. It is shown that A-tan will be turning back into Athena sometime soon after all, but for now I’ll just sit back an enjoy it as it comes.

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