Beamcast – Episode 94

Jean, Danny, and Jon run through this week’s Big 3 action on Beamcast!

The biggest story this week comes from One Piece 743, where the breaking of Sugar’s curse has sent all of Dressrosa into chaos. With Doflamingo’s underlings in a panic, his attempts to reassert dominance over the situation over the coming weeks will be mesmerizing.

Bleach 575 is next, as it continues to showcase the battle between Kenpachi and Gremmy. The antagonist had been a little too passive since his introduction, so his change in personality in this chapter is a welcome development that bodes well for his continued involvement.

Finally, Naruto 671 picks up where last week left off, extending that unfortunate plot decision into more disappointing conversation. Naruto, Sasuke, and even the renowned Sage of the Six Paths himself have all been irreparably damaged in the short span of only two weeks.

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1:13 – One Piece 743
28:31 – Bleach 575
41:11 – Naruto 671

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