Claymore 149

Character moments large and small, horrific ends, and one stentorian twist make up what may be the largest chapter of Claymore in years.

At this point, Priscilla's abilities seem to be whatever she wants them to be

At this point, Priscilla’s abilities seem to be whatever she wants them to be

The new ability of the ravenous and newly rejuvenated Priscilla is not an uncommon trope for a shonen series but is surprising for its inclusion in this one. Gaining the powers of consumed prey has never happened before in Claymore, even when Priscilla had previously eaten awakened beings. As is often the case with Priscilla, her new ability has no precedent or establishment in previous chapters. At the very least, this is consistent with Priscilla’s pattern of not behaving like any other awakened being, but any dedicated reader would be hard pressed to list what Priscilla’s specific abilities are at this point; whenever she has a battle, completely new ones appear.

A startling end for Octavia and Chronos

A startling end for Octavia and Chronos

Despite its cliché nature, this new ability is used to great effect by Yagi. The murder and absorption of both the awakened beings Octavia and Chronos into Priscilla’s body is horrifying. While they were somewhat underdeveloped, twese two were active and prominent characters for nearly a year of publication, and their deaths are ghastly even by Claymore standards.

In addition to the bombastic scenes both here and at the end of this chapter, a few small character moments are deftly executed. While healing Clare, Cynthia is given a welcome moment of focus. After the now deceased Tabitha, Cynthia has been given the least amount of narrative and artistic focus of all the Slashers. This was nearly unavoidable, given how massive the secondary cast has become in recent years, but at least Cynthia has been given this brief time in the spotlight as she takes her place in the final battle.

Additionally, the scene in which the exhausted Clare resolves to continue the fight, much like the similar moment from her first awakened being assignment, brings the underlying themes of this series to the forefront. While this is given no special attention narratively or artistically, it renews what Clare represents as a protagonist: courage and perseverance in the face of hopeless and overwhelming odds. Despite her fatigue, injuries, and a seemingly invincible enemy, Clare resolves to stand and keep moving forward. For being such a short scene, it is nevertheless a great moment for Clare’s character.

A very short moment, but a vital one for Clare's character

A short but vital look at Clare’s determination

As Clare reaches the end of her endurance and attempts to awaken as a last resort, a callback is made to Rafaela’s mental warning to Clare many chapters ago, that she is making a huge mistake. What this message meant at the time was never entirely clear, so its reappearance here indicates that the author didn’t simply lose track of a plot thread, but instead was saving it for a moment of real narrative significance. That moment plays out here, in the shocking twist of Teresa’s reappearance through Clare. Whether this reappearance is physical or figurative, the full significance of Rafaela’s message, and the specific connection between all the concerned parties are only lightly touched upon here, leaving much for the readers to ponder. Presumably, the next chapter will provide some clarity, but in the meantime, Teresa’s appearance alone is stunning.

Between the myriad of great moments both small and large, and an ending which leaves enough questions for weeks of discussion and speculation, this chapter is simply enormous. Well done character moments, excellent action sequences, and horrific demises abound as this series progresses towards what should be a superb climax to this arc.

Final Flash: A fantastic chapter packed with everything fans of this series could want, with many questions to be answered in the next chapter.

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