Beamcast – Episode 95

Jean and Jeff return for extended discussion in this all-new Beamcast!

The show starts with a long look at the conclusion of a stellar series; The World God Only Knows 266-268 wrapped up all the necessary loose ends to a series that spent years amazing its audience with quality character development and intricate scenarios, only to then surpass itself and astound fans all over again. Kaminomi will be sorely missed, but its ending did it justice.

Elsewhere, Bleach 578 concludes the battle between Kenpachi and Gremmy in a surprisingly indirect way. The lack of a typical fatal blow is certainly startling and arguably anticlimactic, but at the same time, Kenpachi’s hotly anticipated return warranted an equally memorable resolution to his first post-return fight, and this chapter is assuredly memorable.

Finally, hot on the heels of the announcement of its anime adaptation, Nanatsu no Taizai 73.5-74 expands on the rivalry between King and Helbram by means of a fight-interrupting flashback. Such an approach usually has disastrous consequences for momentum, but in this case, the information presented was so meaningful that it enhanced not only the present-day conflict, but also the series as a whole.

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2:00 – The World God Only Knows 266-268 (end)
29:13 – Bleach 578
43:09 – Nanatsu no Taizai 73.5-74


  • is anime of The World God Only Knows as good as manga and faithful. Any news on second season

    • The two seasons are, but the third season skips a bunch of stuff to get to the goddess arc. You can watch it if you want, but I personally recommend the manga more, especially for the skipped parts because they hold significance to the goddess hunt arc.

  • For TWGOK I’ll copy and paste what I wrote on my tumbr about it:

    ” Well it’s finally over, I have to say I’m pretty satisfied with how everything turned out. I know as a rom-com this series has a lot of people on different shipping’s, something I try to do less and less nowadays if I can help it, but frankly I’m just glad he even chose someone at all. This ending is conclusive, the characters are hinted at whats in store for them in the future and Keima is a different person here than he is in the beginning, making the journey of reading this series much more worthwhile. I’m not sure if I had a number 1 choice as to who I wanted Keima to with and when I saw his confession Chihiro I was pretty surprised and a little confused as to whether it was what I wanted. Overall though this is the choice that makes the most literal sense given everything that’s happened between them but I’ll touch a bit more on that later…

    As a whole I still think this is a good series, sure the first 100 chapters are kind of the same thing, but if Gash Bell and One Piece have taught me anything(both of whom were the first manga series I’ve ever read), its that sometimes a slow start is somewhat necessary. I don’t really feel as though we could have gotten to where we are now without that kind of beginning, thanks to it, we had a better understanding of who Keima was before the massive changes began to occur so what happened to him and how it reacted to him would be all the more believable. Keima has experiences with all kinds of girls and I could have easily seen him be with anyone of them, however due to his own beliefs and views it wouldn’t exactly match up with who he is and if anything Wakaki would be committing a grave sin as a writer if s/he compromised to appease any particular ship (though now that I think of it, I guess the fact that there were so many gave him/her comfort that they could stay on their own course.) That all said I think I really began to like this series with the goddess hunt arc but the final arc that w had recently did a fantastic job in wrapping everything up, even if everyone wasn’t on board with it.

    This was without a doubt one of the more interesting Rom-com/harem(ey) series that I’ve ever read and if I had to credit a particular reason as to why it would have to be because of Keima. I may not have liked him in the beginning but he was definitely his own character which I grew to like later on, compared to the other wise blank-slate/self-inserts other series of this nature tend to have. The plot was interesting but a bunch of series really try to bait people in with a premise that ultimately doesn’t go anywhere not only did this series actually resolve it’s main conflict but it also ensured that the journey was fun with characters that I actually gave a damn about and were enjoyable to watch. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly perfect since I’m kind of confused as to what Elise was actually supposed to be, but the good pretty much flattens out whatever minor problems were there. Add that off with an ending the reaffirms why I read manga as apposed to being anime only I can definitely call this a good series that I can recommend to anyone whose interested. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more form this author.”

    As for any pre-conceived legacy it may or may not have, I feel like it deserves one but unless it became poplar like Eva or AoT I doubt it’ll really get it. I just hope some soon to be mangaka learns something from this manga in japan and applies the idea of giving an ending as good as this with this sort of closure with whatever they have in mind. I’ll definitely remember it and recommend it to others but I wouldn’t be surprised if their patience wears thin within the first 100 chapters.

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