Rosario + Vampire II 67

Coming into the slightly prolonged final chapter of Rosario + Vampire, a major concern was whether or not the apparent death of Outer Moka would be undone. Countless stories have performed similar last minute rescues with little or no justification. Thankfully, the ending found a way to have Outer Moka remain gone, but still remaining in the lives of the characters. Moka’s initial appearance in the chapter claimed her to be the inner personality, but had her act more like the outer one from the beginning of the series.

The suggestion would appear to be that the two have joined into one single personality, which is solidified as the chapter goes on. This version of Moka possesses the intelligence and general attitude of the inner self while also gaining optimism and a taste for Tsukune’s blood. It does a good job of resolving their storyline while making it clear that there has been great change over the course of the series.


Not quite the outer self, but not quite the inner one either.

It’s unfortunate, then, that the finale completely fails in virtually every other area.

Numerous elements of the series either get concluded far too briefly or are left open when they didn’t need to be. The boundary between the human and monster worlds has come down as a result of the plotting of Fairy Tale. The protagonists managed to stop a worldwide disaster, but the current status of the world itself is pushed to the side. All that is ever mentioned is that the worlds don’t get along perfectly, which could have easily been assumed after the recent kaiju attack on a major city.

There is also mention of bounty hunters going after the recently demonified Tsukune, which seems to have been inserted only to create one more open end. There had never been a large focus on bounty hunters targeting vampires, aside from those with higher, more plot centered goals in mind. This would make sense if the chapter were at the beginning of a season, but here it takes away much more than it brings.

Of course the ending of Rosario + Vampire wouldn’t be complete without some perverse actions by the girls. Their behavior in this conclusion is bewildering, not because of their actions, but because the harem seemed to be mostly resolved already. It was obvious for some time that Tsukune only wanted Moka, and the last dozen or so chapters made it appear the two had all but confessed to each other. The other girls, it would seem, have decided that a conclusive harem ending is not good enough for them.


This is not what overcoming heartbreak should look like.

A lot of good moments from Part II have come from the question of how the other girls will deal with losing Tsukune. With Kurumu, it was stated that a broken heart could be potentially fatal. Aside from a potential tryst with Mizore, no absolute solution was found for this problem, and now it appears that no solution was ever meant to be given. Yukari slowly started to branch out from the main characters, and even began appearing alongside Fong Fong more than anyone else. Even in the final chapter, the two mostly appear together, but with the sole mission of making the harem battle last as long as possible. The development they had gotten before makes this finale feel unneeded. With or without this chapter, the characters would lack an appropriate ending, but at least it was possible to imagine where their stories would go.

It would appear that the intention of the chapter was to show that the more things change, the more they stay the same, a concept that would work much better if it didn’t feel like such a step backwards. The series had mostly moved on from being nothing but random perversion and monster-of-the-week style combat. To suddenly go back to that after so long does not feel at all appropriate.

Final Flash: The ending leading up to this point has been well done, but this final chapter feels unnecessary for all but the biggest Moka fans.


  • I am a Moka fan and I felt like the manga removed a love story between outer Moka and tsukune. If it weren’t for Tsukune meeting nice outer moka, inner Moka would of never been in touch with him or kurumuru. But plans change.

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