Claymore 150

Following the shocking teaser that concluded chapter 149, chapter 150 reveals that Teresa has indeed literally returned in the flesh through Clare’s body, bringing an immediate shift to the battle’s momentum and some emotional moments for Clare.

Teresa’s return is handled with all the pomp and circumstance that such a momentous event could merit. All the characters present express appropriate gravity for this sudden appearance, and Teresa’s personality remains consistent with her previous appearances, with some subtle changes. Teresa acts as a maternal figure in this chapter, from comforting the emotionally overwhelmed Clare to giving her consent for a potential relationship with Raki. Considering how long ago it was that Teresa last appeared in this series, the fact that she feels like the same character is commendable.


Clare and Teresa’s mental reunion is a touching scene, and one that finally brings closure for Clare’s grief over Teresa’s death. The sight of the emotionally stunted Clare breaking down in tears of joy and finally being able to speak with Teresa again is both heart-wrenching and the most literal definition of fanservice. A scene such as this runs the risk of feeling overindulgent or emotionally manipulative, but for a series like Claymore it works well. This series has rarely presented readers with an occasion to cheer with Clare, as nearly all of her successes are clouded by varying amounts of personal tragedy. This scene, however, is a pure silver lining, and the uniquely happy nature of this moment is what keeps it from feeling out of place. However, if Yagi dips into this well again and Teresa makes an appearance later in this series, the impact of this scene will be severely reduced.

Teresa’s reappearance is significant beyond her emotional reunion with Clare, too. As well as the main cast has fought against Priscilla, she has still seemed invincible, becoming even more powerful as the battle has gone on. As Teresa demonstrates how far she outclasses all the other warriors, though, she gives hope that Priscilla can actually be beaten. Hopefully, Clare herself will have a part to play in this continued battle, but the defeat of Priscilla by Teresa would nonetheless be a satisfying end to this arc.

Theresa is as indefinably powerful as ever, and stands a fighting chance against Priscilla

Teresa is as indefinably powerful as ever, and stands a fighting chance against Priscilla

For any reader who has been emotionally invested in Clare and her journey, this is a satisfying and heartfelt chapter. After so many years of tragedy and struggle in Clare’s life, this is a joyous, touching moment. While progression of the action-focused plot is relatively lacking compared to recent chapters, the emotional development here is enormous, and the villain of this series finally seems beatable, which is an achievement in itself.

Final Flash: The shocking reappearance of Teresa brings hope for the heroes and several touching moments for Clare. A great chapter.

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