Beamcast – Episode 96

Jean and Danny are back for more shonen discussion on Beamcast!

First, Shokugeki no Souma 71 amazed readers with a marvelous reference, but the chapter offered far more than a one-off gag. Megumi’s determination in the face of tough circumstances is an encouraging sign that she stands every chance of keeping up with the hero.

Next up is Naruto 677 and the unveiling of the long-awaited (and long-mocked) Infinite Tsukuyomi plan. Madara’s ambitious plan to reflect his eye off the moon and mesmerize the entire world has more than its share of conceptual flaws, but concept and execution are separate issues, and Kishimoto deserves some praise for the latter.

Finally, Fairy Tail 385 features the Spirit King in action thanks to Lucy, who is now recovering from her recent difficult choice. Voluntarily sacrificing one of her summons is fine in concept, but as with so many of author Hiro Mashima’s ideas, it was introduced and pushed through the story far too quickly.

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1:14 – Shokugeki no Souma 71
20:54 – Naruto 677
42:36 – Fairy Tail 385

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