Claymore 151

Following her personal breakthrough last month, chapter 151 follows with some overdue emotional development for Clare and some satisfying ends to a few side characters. The opening conversation between Clare and Teresa is noticeably calm, contrasting with the tension that has been built up during these previous chapters. Despite that fact, this scene is well done. On the surface, Clare is simply telling Teresa how she feels about the hardships she’s faced, but this in itself has great significance. As was the case in chapter 150, this is the most emotional Clare has ever been, and this marks the first time she has ever opened up emotionally to anyone. Clare may be taking a backseat to Teresa in the overall plot, but this scene presents more significant development for Clare than she has been given in a long while.

This is the most emotional development Clare has ever been given

Unprecedented emotional progress for Clare

When the action continues, it begins with a twist. Instead of attacking Priscilla directly, Teresa calls out the absorbed Cassandra for a one-on-one fight. This is a pleasant surprise; Cassandra’s anticlimactic and abrupt death at Priscilla’s hands was disappointing, but now she is given a last chance to assert her character. Teresa’s method of calling Cassandra out through her pride as a number one is interesting as well, as pride can so often be presented as a negative character trait. Nevertheless, pride is what brings Cassandra back to her senses, and also inspires Octavia and Chronos to rebel against Priscilla.


The fight between Cassandra and Teresa is well drawn and choreographed, and avoids becoming overindulgent. Rather than interrupting the flow of the story, this fight is needed to reestablish how strong Teresa is compared to another elite fighter. This simultaneously gives more exposure to Cassandra who, despite this chapter, still feels underused. Yagi has hit a high point with this series’ pacing in recent chapters; Claymore has always been best suited to speed-reading, due to its high volume of action. In recent chapters, however, character development and action have been blended well together, resulting in chapters that feel many times bigger than their actual length. This holds true with chapter 151, despite much of the action focusing on side characters.

The character moments have been balanced effectively with top-notch action

The character moments have been balanced effectively with top-notch action

This is yet another strong chapter, and now that the plot threads for Cassandra, Chronos, and Octavia have been closed, the stage has been set for a definitive and conclusive battle between Priscilla and Teresa, with Clare acting as Teresa’s emotional support.

Final Flash: Closed plotlines, goodbyes to side characters, and emotional development for Clare headline yet another good chapter of Claymore.

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