Nisekoi 126-127

Yui’s purpose as a character is revealed as the heroines of Nisekoi reconfirm their feelings towards Raku in chapters 126 and 127. Yui’s initial introduction as a grab-bag of genre tropes may have been disappointing, but chapter 126 goes a long way to proving herself to the audience. To this point, annoyances still remain; Raku waking up each morning with Yui draped over him is a tiresome running joke, and this series does not need yet another love interest for him, but Yui does provide an important role in driving forward the often ignored main plot. Numerous hints are given here, as well as in previous chapters, that Yui remembers much more about the crucial events of ten years ago than Raku or the other girls do, and this provides motivation for her to force Raku’s other love interests to confront their feelings.


This results in the most important event of these two chapters, when Yui reveals her knowledge of Raku and Chitoge’s false relationship, and plainly and clearly tells Chitoge that she loves Raku, all while being overheard by Onodera. As Onodera and Chitoge are the clear frontrunners for Raku’s affections, this moment is of paramount importance for this series. While both Chitoge and Onodera are aware of their feelings for Raku, neither of them has come close to informing Raku or a romantic rival of these feelings. Yui’s courageous example in this chapter may provide the impetus these two characters need to finally tell the clueless Raku that they like him, even giving the meek Onodera some unexpected resolve. These developments lead into some well done comedy in chapter 127.

The perpetually meek Onodera finally begins to grow a backbone

The perpetually meek Onodera finally begins to grow a backbone

As the usual suspects invade Raku’s house to contend with Yui’s advances, the author demonstrates his ability to create comedy out of what could easily have been a mediocre filler chapter following a more serious character-based one. Reservations concerning the directions this series has taken in the last year may remain, but the comedic chemistry the main characters of Nisekoi share is undeniable. This is a testament to the developed personalities of Chitoge, Onodera, Tsugumi, and Marika, as this level of comedy would not be possible of they were the more commonly found one-note jokes or personified tropes. The shenanigans that ensues during their party game is a fine example of both this point and Komi’s comedic skill, as each of the girls gets at least one humorous moment.

While the plot progression of Nisekoi remains slow at best, these chapters give hope that future developments will come. In the meantime, Nisekoi is a fine example of lighthearted comedy, with genuine characters, heart, and solid comedy.

Final Flash: Good comedy and a refreshing amount of straightforwardness result in two good chapters of the current undisputed king of shonen romantic comedy.

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