Shonen Beam is a mixture of opinion and journalism aimed at fans of Japan’s most popular manga demographic. Founded in 2010, Shonen Beam looks to be a casual informer, providing commentary rather than breaking news stories, while simultaneously providing a more objective voice than fandom websites and forums.

Timely weekly reviews of major shonen manga chapters are the main feature of Shonen Beam. These reviews are written in a professional and analytical style free of personal voice, distancing the site from informal “blogs.” Other major features include Beamcast, a twice-weekly podcast covering the world of shonen manga and anime, and The Great Shonen Tier List, an ambitious long-term project designed to rank every shonen character in terms of comparative strength.


Jean-Christian Mingallon
Founder, editor-in-chief, host of Beamcast, and Great Shonen Tier List judge

Clint Via
Beamcast co-host and Great Shonen Tier List judge

Danny Alvarez
Review author and Beamcast guest

Jeff Corey
Review author and Beamcast guest

Jon Moore
Review author and Beamcast guest

Michael Hayes
Review author