Power Rankings

Understanding the Power Rankings

Designed to offer a mathematical counterpart to experienced opinion, Power Rankings are a weekly snapshot of current quality in shonen manga. The rankings are based on the last five weeks of the weekly manga magazine publishing schedule. Chapters of each series are given a rating, which considers factors such as art quality, plot and character developments, quality of the current story arc (if applicable), comparison to previous chapters in the same series, comparison to chapters in other series, and other criteria. These scores are then run through a series of formulas which combine the total score, average score, and weighted average score (weighted towards the current chapter), all over the same selected five-week period. The resulting percentage is the final score used in placement in each week’s power rankings. Ultimately, power rankings should be viewed as the Shonen Beam measure of the current strength, momentum, comparative relevance, and overall quality of each series.

The two most important eligibility guidelines:

1. The series must be current — Since this website is primarily intended for a Western audience, ranked series must have a proven English scanlation/translation release schedule.
2. Shonen Beam must be current with the series — Sadly, Shonen Beam is not yet run by robots. Sometimes, a series with timely weekly releases will not yet be ranked simply because we haven’t read it yet. Be patient; we’re always catching up.

Weekly Power Rankings – 1/10 – 1/16

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Weekly Power Rankings – 1/3 – 1/9

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Weekly Power Rankings – 12/27 – 1/2

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