Great Shonen Tier List – Bottom Tier


Don Kanonji Bleach ch. 559
Kanonball (tiny ball of spiritual energy that explodes with surprising power).


Himekawa Tatsuya Beelzebub ch. 153
Devil’s Whip (whip-like stun baton); high physical strength and endurance.


Takamura Mamoru Hajime no Ippo ch. 899
He beat up a bear.


Higurashi Kagome InuYasha complete
Supernatural arrow projectiles.


Nefertari Vivi One Piece ch. 725
Peacock Slashers (edged jewels on wires spun around quickly for slashing attacks); can move at roughly peak horse speed while riding Carue.


Onizuka Eikichi GTO / Shonan Junai Gumi complete
Black belt in karate; amazing durability.


Makunouchi Ippo Hajime no Ippo ch. 895
Featherweight-class boxing punches.


Shimura Shinpachi Gintama ch. 325
Solid sword-fighting ability.


Mikasa Ackerman Shingeki no Kyojin ch. 48
Combat-savvy young lady with a bladed weapon and a grappling hook.


Mr Satan Dragon Ball complete
Strong adult male.


Kouichi Yarai Cage of Eden ch. 151
Exceptional physical strength; clutches keys between fingers to reinforce punch; great speed, reflexes, endurance, and battle intelligence.


Urashima Keitaro Love Hina complete
Martial arts training.


Kamijou Touma To Aru Majutsu no Index ch. 49
Imagine Breaker (supernatural-canceling right hand; tie-breaker only); incredible reaction speed and endurance; great physical strength.


Sakuragi Hanamichi Slam Dunk complete
Great strength, speed, and stamina; large physical build.


Mikami Teru Death Note complete
Death Note (supernatural notebook which kills anyone whose name is written in it; if the exact cause of death is not specified, the victim dies precisely 40 seconds after his or her name is written); Shinigami Eyes (can see the name of any person).


Kuzumi Taiga Mx0 complete
Strong brawler; great stamina. Tiebreaker only: Mx0 (Magic cancel).


Utsuru Sanada Lock On! complete
Shutter Eye (enhanced perception); strong martial artist; good reflexes.


Shiota Nagisa Assassination Classroom ch. 56
Average young man with a knife and assassination training.


Elraine & Kiri Double Arts complete
Double Arts (original tandem-style martial arts, which enhances each character’s strength).


Kurogane Hiroto Kurogane ch. 24
Kendo beginner with shinai and full protective gear; good counter timing.


Sengoku Akira Cage of Eden ch. 150
Determined and durable young man with clever tactical insight and a simple axe.


Niijima Haruo History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch. 389
Great evasion ability; stun baton; pepper spray.


Kobayakawa Sena Eyeshield 21 complete
Athletic teenager with exceptional speed; Devil Stungun (stiff-arm).


Take Isamu Buyuden ch. 113
Skilled high school boxer specializing in counter punches.


Yamada Ryuu Yamada and the Seven Witches ch. 80
Moderately strong delinquent, capable in a fight.


Kuroko Tetsuya Kuroko no Basket ch. 172
High school athlete with relatively weak constitution; can conceal presence.


Yukihira Souma Shokugeki no Souma ch. 35
Average young man; unremarkable physically; has a chef’s knife.


Suzumiya Haruhi Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu ch. 26
Athletic girl; cannot use her godlike abilities because she is unaware of them.


Ashirogi Muto Bakuman complete
Two ordinary manga artists.


Kagami Junichirou Denpa Kyoushi ch. 15
Typical human with comedy protagonist durability and exceptional intelligence.


Kirishima Haruto Kimi no Iru Machi ch. 91
Average person.


Utsumi Seiji GE ~ Good Ending complete
Athletic young man.


Hinata Shouyou Haikyuu!! ch. 14
Agile high school freshman.


Kazamatsuri Shou Whistle! complete
Middle school athlete.


Ichijou Raku Nisekoi ch. 35
Ordinary high school freshman with limited comedy protagonist durability.


Katsuragi Keima The World God Only Knows ch. 103
Weak otaku.


Sanzen’in Nagi Hayate no Gotoku! ch. 278
Weak little girl otaku. Can’t run continuously for ten seconds.


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