Great Shonen Tier List – Elite Tier


Zebra Toriko ch. 245
Numerous powerful sound-based techniques for offense and defense; incredible physical traits.


Genryuusai Yamamoto Bleach ch. 555
Zanka no Tachi (Bankai with different fire-based abilities, including an amazingly powerful sword slash and a cloak of flame upwards of 15 million degrees); excellent speed, strength, and combat aptitude.


Toriko Toriko ch. 245
Ultimate Routine (can use imagination to influence opponent’s perception of reality); freakish strength; huge energy reserves; variety of extremely powerful melee and projectile attacks; incredible speed.


Coco Toriko ch. 245
Can throw a spear of deadly poison at nearly lightspeed; can cover his body with a layer of instantly-deadly poison armor for superb defense; can fire poison at an enemy; immune to poison; incredible speed.


Sani Toriko ch. 245
Fully controllable hair (very strong and durable; individual hairs are thin enough to be nearly invisible; blind spots nullified by hair extended in 50-meter radius); Satan Hair (hair consumes opponent completely); hair can reflect attacks; can entangle and immobilize opponent; can form mass of hairs for blunt or sharp attacks; incredible speed.


Tommyrod Toriko ch. 245
Can produce a variety of deadly insects including Parasite Emperor (massive beast with freezing breath, high temperature gas, web emission, poison, immense strength, and flight); incredible physical traits; wing-based flight.


Ueki Kousuke The Law of Ueki complete
Sacred Weapons (highlights: shield, extreme speed, opponent-capturing box, flight, will-powered instant kill attack); power to turn trash into trees.


Nagase Kaede Mahou Sensei Negima! complete
Tengu no Kakuremino (magical cloak that sends anything within it to a different plane of reality; used for stealth, invisibility, and to absorb enemy attacks); shadow clones; extreme speed; ninja weapons; expert melee combat skills.


Mutou Kazuki Busou Renkin complete
Sunlight Heart (powerful alchemic lance); extreme flight speed; can breathe in space; unconsciously drains life around him; incredible stamina and strength; great regeneration ability.


Haru Glory Rave complete
Ravelt (sword with different forms that each confer different powers, including explosions, magic sealing, elemental projectiles, and other attack boosts); extreme speed.


Saotome Ranma Ranma 1/2 complete
Incredible strength, speed, and endurance; powerful whirlwind projectile.


Sakurazaki Setsuna Mahou Sensei Negima! complete
Can fly (with wings); can cut through nearly any material or energy barrier; great speed; can send out projectile slashes of energy; Pactios (with Negi: summons wakizashi which can multiply 16 times and follow opponents; with Konoka: summons energy sword which can grow larger when fed more energy).


Kagurazaka Asuna Mahou Sensei Negima! complete
Incredible speed; excellent sword skill; can cancel opponent’s supernatural abilities.


Enel One Piece ch. 597
Can produce/become electricity; literal lightning speed; can output up to 200 million volts; can create island-destroying sphere of electricity; Mantra (can predict person’s movements and feelings, detect others from distance); can hear everything for miles; does not need to breathe; can restart own heart.


Urameshi Yusuke YuYu Hakusho complete
Demon form transformation (vast reserves of spirit energy; physical strength to leap hundreds of feet into the air); Spirit gun (long-range projectile); Shotgun (wide-range projectile); extreme speed.


Hiei YuYu Hakusho complete
Extremely fast; Dragon of the Darkness Flame (Spiritual dragon summon which devours attacks and opponents whole; can be condensed into sword form); Jaganashi Form (Eyes appear over his body which can blind opponents, though this form has the potential to blind Hiei as well).


Kurama YuYu Hakusho complete
Deadly plants that either grow from the ground and attack enemy or leech from the enemy directly; can quickly summon forest for cover; Rose Whip; can hover or glide with wings (but can’t fly); exceptional intellect and battle strategy; extreme speed.


Sieg Hart Rave complete
Altearith (seals opponent in void); variety of powerful magic attacks; fantastic speed.


Death the Kid Soul Eater complete
Liz and Patty (supernatural energy guns); strong melee combat skills; poison resistance; flying skateboard.


Meruem Hunter x Hunter ch. 340
Powerful Nen blasts; immense speed, durability, and strength; flight.


Amamiya Sakurako Psyren complete
Abyss (Split personality with separate body that can act independently, can conjure psychic scythes of any length she chooses); Trance Smoke (allows her to read the mind of anyone within the smoke); can create illusions and hallucinations; psychically-enhanced strength and speed.


Monkey D. Luffy One Piece ch. 672
Gomu Gomu no Mi (can stretch body like rubber, nearly immune to blunt attacks, immune to electricity, unpredictable fighting style); Gear Second (extreme speed and power increase for limited time); Gear Third (humongous power increase for limited time); can combine Gears; superhuman strength.


Kurosaki Ichigo Bleach ch. 405
Mugetsu (instant tremendously strong wide-area energy attack; can only use once, as it makes Ichigo lose his powers); Getsuga Tenshou projectiles; Flash step.


Nogami Aoi Zettai Karen Children ch. 229
Can teleport herself, opponents, and objects.


Whitebeard One Piece ch. 672
Gura Gura no Mi (can create massive shock waves through any medium, including the ground, water, or air); immense physical strength and durability.


Misaka Mikoto To Aru Kagaku no Railgun ch. 47
Can output 1 billion volts of electricity; can fire charged projectile at three times the speed of sound; can summon lightning; controls magnetism; draws iron from the ground to form manipulable vibrating chain-sword, used for offense or defense; has no blind spots thanks to her electric field; immune to telepathy.


Uzumaki Naruto Naruto ch. 573
Nine-Tails Chakra Mode (extreme speed and strength, near-limitless energy); hugely powerful chakra attacks (Tailed Beast Bomb, Gargantuan Rasengan, Rasen Shuriken); shadow clones.


Urahara Kisuke Bleach ch. 416
Extremely fast; carries a fake body he can swap out to take hits; can create a net to capture his opponent and hit them with a city-scale explosion.


Shihouin Yoruichi Bleach ch. 415
Unbelievable speed; exceptional hand-to-hand combat ability.


Inugami Koutarou Mahou Sensei Negima! complete
Magical wolf form; limited ability to manipulate and travel through shadows; magical explosive projectiles; shadow clones; great speed; flight.


Sawada Tsunayoshi Katekyo Hitman Reborn! complete
XX-Burner (large blast of powerful Dying Will Flames); high speed propulsion flight from X-Gloves; physical strength enhanced by flames; Natsu (box weapon, can nullify enemy attacks and amplify Tsuna’s own); lightspeed reactions.


Namikaze Minato Naruto ch. 506
Yellow Flash (limited teleportation through ninja seals); proficiency in ninja techniques.


Ichimaru Gin Bleach ch. 413
Flash step; Shinsho (ranged sword with cell-destroying poison).


Kuchiki Byakuya Bleach ch. 409
Senbonzakura (One thousand or more tiny mobile swords); Speed: Closing the distance and striking two pressure points from behind with his opponent barely having time to move.


Yoshina Ageha Psyren complete
Nova (massive enhancement of physical and psychic abilities; grants flight); Melchsee’s Lance (with Nova: fires many fast, thin, and powerful psychic lances); Melchsee’s Vortex (with Nova: extremely powerful multi-directional shield).


Pain (aka Nagato) Naruto ch. 644
Six separate bodies with shared vision but individual consciousness and abilities; Deva Path (gravity manipulation); Animal Path (can summon huge beasts); Human Path (can tear soul from body on contact); Preta Path (can absorb chakra); Asura Path (cyborg-like mechanical body); Naraka Path (summons King of Hell to suck soul out of enemy or heal six bodies); all bodies have high speed and power.


Smoker One Piece ch. 728
Moku Moku no Mi (smoke-based Devil Fruit; can become and control smoke); amazing speed and fighting capability.


Yamamoto Takeshi Katekyo Hitman Reborn! complete
Sarachi: Kirisame (fires compressed airwaves); Udachi: Kirisame (multiple Rain Flame-swallows attack enemy); Jiunoka (strikes opponents or incoming attacks with Rain Flames, slowing them to a crawl); expert swordsmanship; incredible agility and speed via propulsion flight.


Jinbe One Piece ch. 659
Fishman Karate (notable techniques: Uchimizu – water bullets; Buraikan – extremely powerful piercing shockwave); immense strength and speed.


Caesar Clown One Piece ch. 718
Gasu Gasu no Mi (can become, create, and control poisonous gas; can create hugely destructive explosions); can remove the oxygen in a given area; can float when in gaseous form; amazing speed and durability; genius intellect.


Younger Toguro Yu Yu Hakusho complete
Amazing physical traits; can fire powerful wind bullets; moderate regeneration.


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