Great Shonen Tier List – Fair Tier


Nura Rikuo Nurarihyon no Mago complete
Matoi (power increase from using the Fear of his subordinates); Kyouka Suigetsu (distorts enemy’s perception through illusions); Nenekirimaru (demon-killing sword); supernatural strength and agility.


Senji “Crow” Kiyomasa Deadman Wonderland complete
Crow Claw (long blades extending from forearms, used for slashing offense or as a defensive barrier); Invisible Black (scythe-like blade extending from right hand which slashes at the speed of sound); great natural strength and endurance.


Morgiana Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic ch. 201
Amol Selserira (fire magic); strong melee combat, enhanced by leg chains which add moderate range; flight.


Sango & Kirara InuYasha complete
Flies by riding Kirara; Hiraikotsu (large and powerful boomerang).


Kaguro Kekkaishi complete
Can grow sharp blades from anywhere on his body (preferably palms); high speed.


Allen Walker D.Gray-man ch. 194
Sword of Exorcism (overwhelming damage to demons only); Crown Clown (greatly improves melee and projectile damage, increases evasion, and enables Clown Belt – manipulable energy webbing that grasps enemies/objects or forms spikes); Cross Beta (energy beam attack); naturally strong and agile.


Tsuchigumo Nurarihyon no Mago complete
Humongous size; amazing physical strength and melee skill; surprising agility; can spin spider webs from his mouth.


Yuki Onna Nurarihyon no Mago complete
Supernatural ice techniques, including a blizzard that freezes opponents on contact.


Kousaka Shigure History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch. 404
Mastery over all types of weapons; high-level martial arts abilities; exceptional speed, agility, stealth, and accuracy.


Lust Fullmetal Alchemist complete
Can extend her fingers into long and sharp blades at the speed of a bullet; can regenerate from any wound as long as she still has energy.


Sasagawa Ryohei Katekyo Hitman Reborn! complete
Knuckle’s Maximum Break (three-minute speed and strength boost); Sunshine Uppercut (the more damage Ryohei has taken, the stronger the punch); fast enough to produce afterimages; superhuman boxing ability.


Akisame Koetsuji History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch. 387
Superhuman strength and perception; high-level Jujitsu; can appear invisible by keeping himself in his opponent’s blind spot.


Sakaki Shio History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch. 477
Karate mastery; superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, and stamina.


Ma Kensei History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch. 535
Mastery of Chinese Kenpo; high movement speed and amazing reaction speed.


Brook One Piece ch. 672
Skilled fencer; extremely light body; no internal organs; can make enemies fall asleep.


Shishio Gen Kekkaishi complete
Can transform into a wolf Ayakashi with greatly increased speed, strength, and endurance; rapid healing process.


Mephisto Bart Kucabara Defense Devil complete
Dark Matter-fueled demonic power that grants flight and supernatural strength and durability.


Oga Tatsumi Beelzebub ch. 142
Flight; extreme speed; demonic strength and durability; can create powerful explosions at close range.


Konoe Touta UQ Holder ch. 14
Superhuman speed and strength; immortal (regeneration, long life, undead).


Furuichi Takayuki Beelzebub ch. 216
Demonic tissues (forms a contract with a selection of demons, the strongest being Behemoth, all granting exceptional time-limited physical traits); low-level delinquent strength and durability otherwise.


Apachai Hopachai History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch. 402
Mastery of Muay Thai; huge physical build; superhuman strength, agility, and durability.


Yukimura Tokine Kekkaishi complete
Kekkai (box-shaped barriers can be used for protection, piercing attacks, or to surround an enemy and explode).


Sebastian Michaelis Kuroshitsuji ch. 85
Fantastic speed; can throw knives with amazing accuracy; demon.


Johnny Joestar JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series 7
Tusk (Stand with multiple abilities; enables firing fingernails like bullets; resulting holes can be moved; can shoot self and hide within moving hole); very low mobility outside of moving hole.


Usopp One Piece ch. 715
Exceptional marksmanship (with metallic, explosive, flaming, and other types of ammunition); Pop Green (variety of quick-growth plants, used for direct attacks or support); great durability; comedy attacks.


Kujo Jolyne JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series 6
Stone Free (string Stand; can unravel and extend Jolyne’s body to about 24 meters; destructive force of punch is roughly equal to a ‘small but incredibly fast meteor'; can expand/contract strings to tighten/loosen grip; can sew up wounds; ‘it kind of smells like soap (for reasons unknown).’).


Nico Robin One Piece ch. 672
Hana Hana no Mi (can sprout controllable body parts at will on any surface; damage taken by sprouted limbs transfers to Robin); typically fights by breaking opponent’s joints and limbs; extremely temporary wing-based flight.


Mr. 2 Bon Clay One Piece ch. 715
Okama Kenpo (original martial arts style based on ballet techniques); steel-beaked swan-shaped foot attachments; great agility, speed, and leg strength.


Kunieda Aoi Beelzebub ch. 216
Ankokubutou (allows demon to possess her for improved speed and strength); Pretty Flower Storm (wind-elemental slashing technique); skilled katana use; great speed; delinquent strength and endurance.


Jonathan Joestar JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series 1
Hamon (solar-powered martial arts dependent on breathing techniques); great physical strength.


Arlong One Piece ch. 729
Kiribachi (long saw-toothed sword); razor-sharp teeth which can regrow instantly, and which can be removed and grasped as weapons; superhuman physical traits.


Miroku InuYasha complete
Has a black hole in his palm that draws things into it infinitely; weak to poison bees.


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