Great Shonen Tier List – High Tier


Zaraki Kenpachi Bleach ch. 496
Expert swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat skill; amazing strength, speed, and stamina; flight.


Rob Lucci One Piece ch. 597
Rokushiki (incredible evasiveness and speed, ability to jump on air, ability to create air projectiles, ability to stab opponents with finger at bullet speed, ability to withstand most attacks); Rokuougan (internally-damaging shockwave); leopard Devil Fruit, used to greatly amplify physical strength and techniques.


Ku Fei Mahou Sensei Negima! complete
Shinchintetsu Jizaikon (powerful shape-shifting staff of the Monkey King); excellent martial arts ability; fantastic speed; great strength and durability.


Midou Ban GetBackers complete
Jagan (reality-manipulating illusory technique that requires eye contact to activate); Snake Bite (extremely powerful strike); extreme speed; high strength and endurance; various body transformations that improve physical skills.


Isaac Netero Hunter x Hunter ch. 340
Hyakushiki Kannon (huge Nen-powered statue summon); immense speed, durability, and strength.


Hibari Kyouya Katekyo Hitman Reborn! complete
Roll (hedgehog companion; can multiply in number to attack opponent); Cambio Forma: Version Vongola Gear (Roll transforms into new coat and tonfa for Hibari; enhances melee combat); high speed and strength.


Amano Ginji GetBackers complete
Controls and manipulates powerful electricity; Raitei (alter-ego that greatly increases electricity control and output); absorbs all electricity; can punch his target’s soul out of its body; extreme speed; high physical strength and endurance.


Fuuchouin Kazuki GetBackers complete
Wide variety of string-based attacks; amazing speed; great strength and durability.


Uchiha Itachi Naruto ch. 509
Susanoo (exceptional defense; Yata Mirror shields all elemental attacks; Sword of Totsuka eternally seals anything it pierces); Amaterasu (supernatural fire that appears where Itachi looks); Tsukuyomi (traps victim in illusory world on eye contact); mastery of ninja techniques; high speed and strength.


Oumi Nichinaga Kekkaishi complete
Mind control granted by implanting psychic snakes into victim.


Gon Freecs Hunter x Hunter ch. 310
Great strength and recuperative abilities; Rock (hugely powerful short range attack), Paper (long range nen projectile), Scissors (mid-range slicing attack); ability to transform into older version of himself with colossal strength.


Gash & Kiyomaro Konjiki no Gash!! complete
Shin Beruwan Baou Zakeruga (gargantuan lightning dragon); Maazu Jikerudon (electromagnetic sphere; deflects energy attacks or traps opponent for shock damage); variety of powerful ranged electric magic; mantle (enables flight and strong defense); superior battle awareness; great natural speed and strength.


Uchiha Sasuke Naruto ch. 499
Amaterasu (sight-activated magical fire); Susanoo (giant beast, both a strong defense and a large-scale long-distance attack).


Aokiji One Piece ch. 599
Hie Hie no Mi (can control and become ice); tremendous speed.


Boa Hancock One Piece ch. 597
Haki-reinforced superhuman strength; Mero Mero no Mi (turns those with “impure thoughts” about her to stone).


Konan Naruto ch. 510
Attacks with chakra-infused paper or explosive tags (can control hundreds of billions at once); can turn into many sheets of paper (can control and reshape body in this form); high-level ninjutsu; can fly with paper wings.


Portgas D. Ace One Piece ch. 597
Mera Mera no Mi (can produce/become fire); immense physical strength.


Frederica Psyren complete
Pyrokinetic with nuclear-level firepower; surrounding herself with Salamander (giant fireball) grants powerful defense.


Killua Zaoldyck Hunter x Hunter ch. 310
Extreme speed; can create and manipulate electricity; can strike opponent with lightning from distance; assassination abilities (presence concealment, instant-kill techniques); two 50kg yo-yo weapons able to conduct electricity.


Roronoa Zoro One Piece ch. 672
Skilled swordsman (uses up to 3 swords at once); superhuman strength, stamina, and durability; can use wind-based projectile attack; can cut through steel; great speed.


Hitsugaya Toushirou Bleach ch. 414
Hyourinmaru (ice-controlling sword); great speed.


Sanji One Piece ch. 672
Kick-based martial arts; superhuman strength and endurance; Diable Jambe (sets own leg on fire to reinforce attacks); great speed.


Lenalee Lee D.Gray-man ch. 218
Extremely fast flight; can create tornadoes; can create immense blades at her feet.


Franky One Piece ch. 672
Cyborg modifications (offense: steel-reinforced superhuman strength, projectile weapons, ability to breathe fire; defense: highly resistant steel plating covering front of body only); great speed.


Ginjou Kuugo Bleach ch. 493
Powerful energy projectiles; great speed, strength, and durability.


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