Great Shonen Tier List – Mid Tier


Sasori Naruto ch. 644
Living puppet; must have his core destroyed to be defeated; assorted weaponry (blades, fire, poison, water blasts) between his multitude of puppets and his own puppet body; Third Kazekage puppet magnetically controls iron grains like sand; high speed.


Yamato Naruto ch. 514
Control over earth, water, and wood techniques, which can be combined to manipulate and propagate the environment; expertise in a variety of ninjutsu; high natural speed and strength.


Deidara Naruto ch. 644
Creates shapable, highly explosive clay; clay bombs are all independently controllable and can range anywhere from massive to microscopic; can create clay clones; can fly on clay birds; high speed.


Temari Naruto ch. 642
Can create and control powerful whirlwinds.


Crocodile One Piece ch. 588
Can become/control sand (can create blades, sandstorms, quicksand, etc); can drain all moisture from whatever he touches; has a hook with poison strong enough to melt rock; tremendously intelligent.


Rock Lee Naruto ch. 642
Fantastic speed; tremendous physical strength; can open five chakra gates to temporarily exceed his own physical limits.


Akimichi Chouji Naruto ch. 642
Can grow part or all of his body for massively improved power; can turn body fat into huge chakra reserves; tremendous natural strength.


Aladdin Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic ch. 192
Variety of powerful magical spells, mostly elemental; can summon golems capable of channeling spells; Borg (magical energy shield); can fly and levitate.


Inuzuka Kiba Naruto ch. 642
Agile coordinated fighting style with dog companion Akamaru, who can transform into a copy of Kiba or combine with him into a powerful two-headed wolf beast.


Nara Shikamaru Naruto ch. 642
Controls shadows via a variety of techniques that immobilize or damage opponent; incredible battle intellect.


Kankurou Naruto ch. 642
Control over combat puppets with a large arsenal of bladed, explosive, and poison weaponry; puppets can trap opponent; can switch places with puppets; vulnerable to close combat.


Hyuuga Neji Naruto ch. 642
Byakugan (nearly 360° field of exceptional vision); Hakkeshou Kaiten (revolving chakra shield providing fantastic defense while spinning); expert hand-to-hand combat skill.


Sai Naruto ch. 655
Choujuu Giga (can bring drawings of animals to life for attack or maneuverability); standard ninja training.


Kaguya Kimimaro Naruto ch. 642
Shikotsumyaku (control over bone structure and growth; can sprout bone weapons or fire bone projectiles); Sawarabi no Mai (countless bones rise from ground to impale opponent; Kimimaro can travel through bones); Cursed Seal (exchanges speed for more strength); excellent melee ability and agility.


Mikura “Kazu” Kazuma Air Gear complete
St Elmo’s Crossfire (cross-shaped flame blast); supersonic speed; can make afterimage clones; can project illusions; can paralyze opponents’ joints; can slow down and reduce impact of incoming attacks; can instantly analyze opponent’s abilities; can briefly turn invisible; can stay airborne with flame platforms.


Gokudera Hayato Katekyo Hitman Reborn! complete
Sistema C.A.I. (versatile armament system enabling a wide variety of ranged attacks, traps, and equipment that increases speed, power, defense, and accuracy); controls a huge amount of dynamite; keen battle intellect.


InuYasha InuYasha complete
Superhuman strength and speed; armor-like clothing and skin; uses a sword which can send projectile slashes at an opponent or warp their power back on themselves.


Kanda Yuu D.Gray-man ch. 212
Mugen (supernatural Innocence sword; different techniques greatly enhance strength and speed at the cost of life force; can fire energy beam projectiles).


Arago Hunt AR∀GO complete
Javelin (large beam attack); limited regeneration; supernaturally reinforced physical attacks; can summon a large tornado for offense or surround himself with it for defense; rapid flight.


Gray Fullbuster Fairy Tail ch. 289
Ice Make (Ice magic used to create ice or instantaneously freeze opponents).


Clare Claymore ch. 124
Windcutter (lightning-quick sword slash attack, can be used repeatedly for sustained flurry); can “awaken” limbs into demonic forms that grant incredible speed and strength; immense pain tolerance; can regenerate wounds and limbs (regeneration time directly proportional to wound severity).


Kyle Psyren complete
Material High (creates nearly invisible material in various shapes; shown to make blocks, shields, and wire-like blades); Fall Down (collapses high-density Material High on enemy); Monster (massively enhances strength and speed; used in tandem with Material High to rapidly bounce around battlefield).


Shirai Kuroko To Aru Kagaku no Railgun ch. 64
Teleportation (limited in range and scope; item teleportation requires physical contact); needles used as weapons to be teleported into enemies’ vitals.


Kazuma s-CRY-ed complete
Shell bullet (super-punches); high endurance.


Uvogin Hunter x Hunter ch. 310
Can shout loudly and powerfully enough to kill an opponent; Big Bang Impact (hugely destructive Nen-enhanced punch; causes a large explosion); Rock Storm (digs hands into ground and throws bits of earth at opponent as quickly as bullets).


Shion Eliphas Levi Magico complete
Broom Magic (manipulable magical broom, changes form for attack or defense); Westphal (extremely durable broom, strong defense); Broom Star (magical blade that shoots stars at opponent, can control opponent-created wind); Enke (enables extreme speed); magical barriers; fire breath; can fly.


Hidan Naruto ch. 644
Practically immortal, but can be incapacitated if body is dismembered; can perform self-mutilation ritual to harm opponent if he is able to draw opponent’s blood; triple-bladed scythe on a cable used at short and long range to draw blood; high speed.


Okumura Rin Ao no Exorcist ch. 35
Immense demonic power, mostly released by unsheathing Kurikara; can fire and manipulate blue flames on a large scale; superhuman strength; quick wound regeneration; flight.


Sano Seiichirou The Law of Ueki complete
Controls magnetic steel towels while holding his breath; great speed.


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