Great Shonen Tier List – Strong Tier


Teresa Claymore ch. 128
Expert sword skill; amazing speed; great strength and durability; can regenerate wounds and limbs (regeneration time directly proportional to wound severity).


Jiraiya Naruto ch. 503
Toad summons; Sage mode (vast reserves of energy); powerful ninjutsu.


Stein & Marie Soul Eater complete
Izuna (Marie transforms into tonfa; Stein gains immense speed and melee strength); Soul Thread Sutures (seals enemy’s movement after Stein makes physical contact).


Maka & Soul Soul Eater complete
Spirit-energy slash attacks that send out crescents of energy as a projectile, specialized in piercing defenses; powerful melee attacks; rapid flight.


Black Star & Tsubaki Soul Eater complete
Shadow Star (manipulable chain scythe; giant rotating shuriken worn on wrist for blade damage and beam attack; kunai that enables huge speed and shadow clones; multiple shadow swords that slash at once); can form Tsubaki into supernatural shield or chain-trap; high natural speed and power.


Hatake Kakashi Naruto ch. 642
Kamui (Mangekyou Sharingan technique which sucks target into another dimension); huge arsenal of ninjutsu.


Hanabishi Recca Flame of Recca complete
Eight Dragons (fire-element attacks: fireballs, fire blade, fire whip, fire eye, near-impenetrable fire barrier, illusions, incineration beam).


Akashi Kaoru Zettai Karen Children ch. 218
Psychokinetic, can hold and crush people or cause an aneurysm.


Vash the Stampede Trigun complete
Inhumanly fast and precise shooter; above average speed and durability; can merge his arm with his gun to create a beam weapon capable of knocking a visible chunk out of the moon.


Devilman Devilman complete
Freakish strength and combat prowess; can absorb other creatures; can fly.


Orochimaru Naruto ch. 505
Snake summons; powerful ninjutsu; can’t use his Hokage summon without human sacrifice.


Umagon & Kafka Sunbeam Konjiki no Gash!! complete
Shin Shudoruk (weaponized armor that allows flight); superb speed.


Abarai Renji Bleach ch. 411
Zabimaru (baboon/snake sword summon); flash step speed.


Kuchiki Rukia Bleach ch. 410
Sode no Shirayuki (can freeze opponent in a column of ice); flash step speed.


Ishida Uryuu Bleach ch. 417
Spiritual bow and arrow; expert marksmanship; extreme speed.


Yasutora “Chad” Sado Bleach ch. 481
Extreme speed; powerful punching ability; supernatural shield; beam attack.


Minami “Ikki” Itsuki Air Gear complete
Beam attack; incredible flight speed and agility; can create vacuum balls and race through them to fly even faster; can create small tornadoes; Astral Magus (can cancel wind in a large area to disable opponents from flying); excellent natural fighter.


Gildarts Clive Fairy Tail ch. 278
Crash (powerful magic; smashes and deflects target, including tangible incoming energy attacks); Disassembly Magic (net-like magical pattern; separates target into multiple smaller versions of original); expert hand-to-hand combat ability; immense strength, durability, and reserves of magical power.


Kurapika Hunter x Hunter ch. 310
Dowsing Chain (blunt-ended chain used to bludgeon opponents or block incoming projectiles); Holy Chain (fast regeneration); Emperor Time (state which grants 100% mastery over all Nen types); strong natural fighter.


Oonoki Naruto ch. 578
Dust Release (fires a beam that disintegrates molecules; requires preparation time); can manipulate the weight of objects by touch; can reinforce weak physique with rock armor; can create strong and durable rock golems; can rapidly raise or lower ground; can summon rock clones; can fly.


Killer B Naruto ch. 575
Full control over Gyuuki (can transform into various powerful forms, can fire colossal Tailed Beast Bomb); Samehada (energy-eating sword that can attack independently from Killer B); extremely fast lightning-enhanced projectiles; immense natural strength, speed, and durability.


Ogami Rei Code:Breaker ch. 174
Beelzebub (armor of intensely hot invisible flames; rains down fire in excess of 1500° in a radius around him); Mammon (twin flamberges; double slash creates a fiery whirlwind); Azure Flame (intense manipulable blue flame); great endurance.


Sumimura Yoshimori Kekkaishi complete
Kekkai (box-shaped barriers that can explode anything inside); Zekkai (energy sphere around him which erases anything it comes in contact with).


Tsunade Naruto ch. 642
Strength of a Hundred Technique (quick automatic regeneration); can summon giant slug which can split itself into many smaller slugs; immense physical strength.


Might Guy Naruto ch. 642
Daytime Tiger (massive air pressure explosion); Morning Peacock (flurry of blazing punches); immense natural strength, speed, and durability, all reinforced by opening chakra gates.


Haruno Sakura Naruto ch. 642
Byakugou no In (huge increase in physical traits); capable healer (nearly immune to poison); devastating melee strikes; ninjutsu and genjutsu.


Magellan One Piece ch. 600
Doku Doku no Mi (can create and manipulate powerful poison; can create poison gas; is immune to poison).


Tony Tony Chopper One Piece ch. 715
Brain Point: can find opponent’s weak point; Heavy Point: superhuman strength/durability; Jumping Point: enhances leg strength; Guard Point: enhances defense; Arm Point: enhances arm strength; Horn Point: enhances horn attack power; Monster Point: transformation into huge form with immense strength.


Kudou Himiko GetBackers complete
Various perfumes that can incapacitate or kill opponent as soon as they smell the scent; great speed, strength, and durability (can augment physical traits by doping herself with one of her perfumes).


Gaara Naruto ch. 502
Controls a vast amount of sand, used to trap and crush enemies, fire projectiles, or provide incredible defense; can fly by standing on floating sand platform.


Natsu Dragneel Fairy Tail ch. 289
Strong fire magic; immunity to temperature; magically-enhanced physical endurance.


Erza Scarlet Fairy Tail ch. 197
Wide variety of magically-equipped armors (notable benefits of different sets: incredible defense and short flight; amazing speed; immense melee damage; energy blasts; huge number of manipulable swords; elemental attacks); great natural strength and endurance; excellent swordsmanship.


Alibaba Saluja Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic ch. 204
Amon (Metal vessel that grants increased magical power, flight, and enhanced fire abilities); Extreme Magic: Amol Al-Bador Saiqa (humongous fire entity that attacks with its sword); fire magic.


Hoshigaki Kisame Naruto ch. 508
Can summon huge amounts of water, in which he can breathe and fight better; Senshokukou (summons a wall formation of one thousand sharks that attack enemy); Samehada (energy-eating sword that can attack independently); huge chakra reserves; expert close combat ability.


Kakuzu Naruto ch. 644
Must have all five hearts destroyed to be defeated; Jiongu (body made of thick threads, allowing him to separate body at will and stitch injuries); can give extra hearts thread-bodies each with a specific elemental affinity and attack; high speed and power.


Oars One Piece ch. 601
Gargantuan size and physical strength; zombie (feels no pain, but still takes damage); decent speed despite size.


Yakushi Kabuto Naruto ch. 651
Snake Sage Mode (enhanced physical traits); snake-based offense; can manipulate earth; flashbang-like blinding and deafening attack.


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