Great Shonen Tier List – Weak Tier


Eren Jaeger Shingeki no Kyojin ch. 35
Can transform into a 15-meter-tall Titan with great strength and durability, and reasonable agility for his size; weak spot in the nape of his neck.


Don Krieg One Piece ch. 729
MH5 (poison gas missiles); explosive-tipped spear; wide variety of armaments built into armor; great durability.


Furinji Miu History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch. 533
Extremely skilled martial artist specializing in fluidity and evasion.


Shirahama Kenichi History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch. 533
Skilled martial artist with superhuman movement and incredible reaction speed.


Shishio Makoto Rurouni Kenshin complete
Expert swordsman; superhuman strength, durability, and endurance; variety of fire-based sword techniques; time limit on maximum strength due to injuries.


Sakata Gintoki Gintama ch. 309
Expert swordsman; superhuman endurance and durability.


Saitou Hajime Rurouni Kenshin complete
Expert swordsman; strong hand-to-hand combat skill.


Kurogane Gama Gamaran complete
Sword-fighting prodigy with a variety of extremely fast techniques.


Kurenai Shinkurou Kure-nai ch. 31
Houzuki Horn (large bone protrusion from right elbow which grants immense physical strength); superhuman durability.


Katsura Hinagiku Hayate no Gotoku! ch. 364
Shirosakura (powerful supernatural sword; grants flight); great speed and strength.


Ayasaki Hayate Hayate no Gotoku! ch. 273
Superhuman durability; exceptional strength, speed, and agility.


Akuno Jiro Hajimete no Aku ch. 70
Shape-shifting mechanized cape.


Buggy One Piece ch. 598
Bara Bara no Mi (can split body into multiple controllable pieces; feet must remain on the ground); immunity to slashing or piercing attacks; multiple knives.


Gettou Motoko Change 123 complete
Expert practitioner of multiple martial arts; carries light weaponry (pistol, knives).


Elucia “Elsie” de Lute Ima The World God Only Knows ch. 241
Hagoromo (flexible, manipulable magic cloth) can create decoys, be shaped into a drill, and render wearer invisible; can fly.


Komatsu Toriko ch. 175
Melk Knife (powerful enough to slice through a mountain with a light swing).


Luchiru Anagle Mole ch. 26
Dekos (pillar of earth that extends at Luchiru’s will); Bokoheru (inverse of Dekos that hollows out the substance Luchiru targets through the ground); superhuman strength, speed, and durability.


Sagara Sanosuke Rurouni Kenshin complete
Punches twice with one punch.


Gilbert Kent Hayate no Gotoku! ch. 276
Pilots a giant robot; is an idiot.


Sannomiya Shiho Zettai Karen Children ch. 234
Wields a pistol with superhuman accuracy.


Nami One Piece ch. 590
Clima-Tact (weather-creating and -controlling weapon); Fata Morgana (mirage technique); above average agility.


Minamoto Kouichi Zettai Karen Children ch. 311
Physically fit adult male with a gun.


Bulma Dragon Ball complete
Capsules (can produce ordinary devices up to the size of a car).


Axe-Hand Morgan One Piece ch. 729
Tall muscular man with a large axe for a right arm; superhuman strength.


Ouba Nana Banana no Nana ch. 7
Controls the properties of bananas to transform them into various weapons or a shield; good durability.


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