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Weekly Power Rankings – 6/27 – 7/3

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AR∀GO 15

[chapter link]

Honestly, I didn’t expect the old man to be good. Maybe that was just me.

Don’t get hit by the arrowhead, Joe! You’ll gain a Stand!

P6, top panel: What a panel. Excellently drawn.

Ooh, I do believe we have some Doppel action. Good to see, he’s quite an interesting character.

Tons of background on leprechauns.

Joe has history with Patchman! Flashback time.

Final Flash: I suppose chapter 15 is acceptable for a side character flashback.

AR∀GO 14

[chapter link]

Very amusing cover.

I’ll be disappointed if Joe really is distancing himself from Arago.

Rio! Everything’s better with Rio.

“The Arrowhead of Fairies”? I wonder if that will later change, like “Orca” did. Hopefully it will change to “Orca.”

Arago and Joe arrive at the same conclusion. I like that; shows that each is a good detective.

Final Flash: Joe could potentially learn about Arago’s powers. Next chapter should prove important.

AR∀GO 13

The art style of AR∀GO may not fall into the universal definition of “great,” but it suits the series well, and it’s always a welcome change amid all the other series I read.

I can’t say I didn’t have my doubts as to Seth’s possession.

Translator’s note reveals that he messed up the translation last chapter, and it was “Orc,” not “Orca.” Consider me disappointed.

More body parts? This is turning into Steel Ball Run.

The cemetery scene was tastefully done.

Hm, competition. The supernatural stuff is good, but I am also interested in Arago’s position in CID. This feels like a good time to switch gears.

Final Flash: The small arc with Seth was just enough to interest but didn’t overstay its welcome. This series continues to impress early in its publishing life.

AR∀GO 12

I don’t know, I’d say “Orca of Oppression of Revolution” is just as catchy as “Seth.” Might want to rethink that.

This is just about the right time to introduce a longer storyline.

It’s also the right time to explain Patchman’s powers further. Arai seems to have good pacing so far.

Unrelated to the series itself: I love Trinity BAKumA for releasing this (and Sket Dance, whenever they do), but their font choice for Seth’s speech is poor.

Even the devil comes from the talk-too-much-and-lose-your-chance school of villainy.

Final Flash: Good fight and good exposition.

AR∀GO 11

I love the coloring of the color page.

Eames’ power didn’t work on regular humans?

Rio is excellent. She’s really helping to solidify this series.

Now that’s a plot twist. Didn’t see this coming at all.

Final Flash: Great chapter, and the next should be as well.

Weekly Power Rankings – 1/10 – 1/16

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