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MiXiM☆11 89

Not sure if the scanlation editor being sick is sufficient excuse for two awful typos (“truely,” “existance”) in the first sentence.

More “creepy clown” Dodo art. What was once interesting is now stale.

Can’t take Ichimatsu seriously with his finger puppets. What a completely ludicrous idea.

Why so many recap panels? Move on with the fight already.

Translators, take note: No one cares what you have to say. We don’t read the series you translate because we like you. We read because of the series. Unless you’re explaining something translation-related, enough with the translators’ notes. (Same for editors’ notes, or any scanlating position.)

Unsurprising that Dodo is so powerful, but is it really necessary to spoil the next chapter in the final teaser?

Final Flash: A thoroughly unsatisfying beginning to this fight.