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MiXiM☆11 91

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What I’m hearing is “Main character: Focus only on strength, leaving you conveniently out of the picture for a while, while we all fight and lose.”

Okay, officially strongly disapprove of Project Kurai Ryu. Leave your pathetic, unfunny attempts at humor out of the series. You somehow manage to look worse than an already poor manga. One of the worst scanlation groups I’ve ever has the displeasure of having to read. I wish Keishou did this series more quickly.

Such a straightforward, predictable chapter. I bet Dodo will easily brush off Ichimatsu’s next attack.

Sadly, I was right.

No, Anzai, your audience isn’t going to be emotionally moved by the sacrifice of a finger puppet.

Final Flash: Another week, another uninspired chapter.