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Hunter x Hunter 303

[chapter link]

The first page explicitly says “Killua vs. Pouf.” This better be an actual fight involving a main character.

Pouf attempting to convince Killua to quit is silly, but Killua actually responding (even negatively) is outright stupid.

Finally, she’s off his back. Real fight, begin.

Pretty sure that black guy is wearing a Bulls jersey. That’s… pretty racist.

Now Pouf is again off to destroy something else instead of fighting Killua. Disappointing.

You can’t keep teasing me with brief shots of Gon, Togashi. Pitou healing Kaito better not take more than a few weeks.

Final Flash: An absolutely minuscule taste of action in an otherwise underwhelming chapter.

Hunter x Hunter 302

Hakoware is totally going to kill CellMeryem. Solo. OHKO, even.

More creepy borderline perversion from the King’s subordinates.

You’re fooling no one, Togashi; thought bubbles are no different from narrative boxes.

The more I see her, the more I feel confident in saying Komugi is one of the ugliest characters in manga.

Final Flash: This is looking dangerously close to a fight involving one of the two main characters. I wonder how we’ll be swerved this time.

Hunter x Hunter 301

March 21, 2010 4 comments

Careful, Togashi. That first panel of the first page looks dangerously close to a completely drawn background. Don’t get ahead of yourself, now.

Cell lives! The worst non-Bleach chapter of manga in a year wasn’t for nothing.

Wait, maybe it was. Amnesia?

No, it’s actually being used as means for Pouf to try to act against the King. Not bad.

Wings? Oh no! Perfect Cell!

Meleoron is one of the best characters of this arc. Also, page 17 recalls the satisfaction and excitement of a successful use of Gon 3, for any J!US players out there.

Final Flash: Good mix of development and action, and some instances of decent art. Nice chapter.

Hunter x Hunter 300

March 12, 2010 1 comment

Gintama began five and a half years after the debut of Hunter x Hunter, yet they both reach chapter 300 in the same week. Really puts all those delays in perspective.

Characters are meeting up again. It feels like we’re going places.

Is Gon finally going to fight someone?

… or is the whole “do this or Gon will kill you” scenario repeating itself? I hope not.

Final Flash: Getting closer to long-anticipated action. Please come soon.

Hunter x Hunter 299

[chapter link]

… ok, this is a little too bizarre. The King eating his subordinates is one thing, but their reactions are creepy and unnecessarily sexual.

The unintentional comedy scale is off the charts on these two-page spreads.

That was it? The chapter’s over?

Final Flash: Complete non-chapter. Horrible.