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Hayate no Gotoku! 265

Hayate looks devastated on the first page. That’s a depressing look.

“I loved you” is always awfully depressing. This arc has been great, but I hope this series remembers soon that it’s a comedy.

Hayate answering her feelings and apologizing is too sad.

So. It’s over. I wonder where we go from here.

Final Flash: A suitable conclusion. The series could use some time off from the drama, but I hope it doesn’t become too episodic.

Hayate no Gotoku! 264

It might finally be time for fallout from this arc. I rarely look forward to reaction chapters, but I’m curious to see what happens now among the other girls.

The cover page art, particularly because of the crescent moon over the building, is quite reminiscent of Franky House.

“She’s always mad.” Fantastic.

Well, I can’t say this resolution was unexpected, given that this is a harem series. While I was never rooting for Hayate to go for Athena, especially since she’s barely been around, it would have been a refreshing change for the male lead to make a decision mid-series.

Final Flash: I guess it’s back to everyday business soon, then. That isn’t bad, but it feels a bit like an opportunity lost.

Hayate no Gotoku! 263

Little A-tan is adorable.

Pretty redundant, space-filling dialogue. Nothing to see here.

His face! About time.

Final Flash: Not very substantive at all, so an accordingly short writeup.