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MiXiM☆11 91

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What I’m hearing is “Main character: Focus only on strength, leaving you conveniently out of the picture for a while, while we all fight and lose.”

Okay, officially strongly disapprove of Project Kurai Ryu. Leave your pathetic, unfunny attempts at humor out of the series. You somehow manage to look worse than an already poor manga. One of the worst scanlation groups I’ve ever has the displeasure of having to read. I wish Keishou did this series more quickly.

Such a straightforward, predictable chapter. I bet Dodo will easily brush off Ichimatsu’s next attack.

Sadly, I was right.

No, Anzai, your audience isn’t going to be emotionally moved by the sacrifice of a finger puppet.

Final Flash: Another week, another uninspired chapter.

MiXiM☆11 90

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No better way to get into serious mode than with a character with an onigiri for a hand.

You know the point in professional wrestling matches where all the obvious losers use their finishing moves in quick succession before inevitably being beaten? That’s what the first part of this chapter feels like.

(… what do you mean, you don’t watch pro wrestling?)

“Lets’s fly”? Really, scanlators?

Momoko doesn’t look bad with short hair. However, I don’t need to be told this by idiotic translator’s and editor’s notes.

Fact: Predictions ruin anything.

Final Flash: At least they’re fighting. Get the lesser characters out of the way as quickly as possible.

MiXiM☆11 89

Not sure if the scanlation editor being sick is sufficient excuse for two awful typos (“truely,” “existance”) in the first sentence.

More “creepy clown” Dodo art. What was once interesting is now stale.

Can’t take Ichimatsu seriously with his finger puppets. What a completely ludicrous idea.

Why so many recap panels? Move on with the fight already.

Translators, take note: No one cares what you have to say. We don’t read the series you translate because we like you. We read because of the series. Unless you’re explaining something translation-related, enough with the translators’ notes. (Same for editors’ notes, or any scanlating position.)

Unsurprising that Dodo is so powerful, but is it really necessary to spoil the next chapter in the final teaser?

Final Flash: A thoroughly unsatisfying beginning to this fight.

MiXiM☆11 88

Not a flashback! This is a better start than recent chapters.

So… yeah, of course Ichimatsu is going. It’s a shonen action series. The protagonist will always ignore warnings. That’s what was so painful about those long flashbacks: They were obviously irrelevant.

“Stewm” is such a terrible name.

Short chapter, and absolutely nothing happened. How many pages does it take to ignore a warning and start a fight? I’d say three, at most. Not fourteen.

Final Flash: Maybe the fight will be good. I have no expectations going into it.

MiXiM☆11 87

Pandora’s explanation: … what? Seriously, what the hell?

Another creepy Dodo shot. That’s the best I can hope for during these flashbacks.

That’s it? This flashback has taken way too long, for no real purpose. I don’t find Arachne or Nemesis any more interesting, nor do I care more about them.

Final Flash: At least it’s over.

MiXiM 11 86

Though I’m still largely uninterested by this arc, Anzai always manages to make Dodo look incredibly scary.

The title spread comes on the second-to-last page? Bizarre. Bad choice, even.

Mercifully short training chapter.

Final Flash: Still can’t be bothered to care much for what’s going on.