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Beelzebub 83

November 10, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by CXC Scans]

Furuichi’s uncharacteristic seriousness is immediately tempered with some expected perversion, which leads to one of the best punchlines in weeks.

No one's stopping you from getting in the bed

There isn’t much to glean from En or his wet nurses. Behemoth is even tough to deal with for En, and it’s possible to summon a car.

What better way to break the tension between Oga and these ladies than by forcing Baby Beel to sing? Every awkward social situation should come with a baby, preferably of the demonic variety.

The horror of Eiffel 65 all over again

Does every lady in every series now solely exist to be kidnapped, taken hostage, or otherwise used as a pawn? Kunieda has been proven as a strong, independent, enjoyable character, and yet even she succumbs to being captured. Whether or not her captor, Hecatos, is an interesting character, it’s insulting that Kunieda has to lose dignity merely to introduce a new enemy.

Hecatos introduces the idea of human contractors, which paves the way not only for Kunieda to become involved more directly in the main plot, but also to reveal that characters we’ve already met have already had demonic association. Of course, this segues nicely back into the fight between Toujou, who is noticeably tired, and Izuma, who ends the chapter by unveiling his own demonic ability. This resolves the previously unanswered plot thread regarding the “demon lurking within the school” that Hilda had noticed, and it also puts Izuma in line for an extended stay in the story. Looking back, then, I find it unfortunate that the entire Oga vs. Miki arc, complete with several chapters of build-up to no payoff fight, served only as a precursor to Izuma. He can still be a good character, but the manner in which we were introduced to him was displeasing.

Final Flash: With the clearly superior comedy concentrated within a few pages, the drama of this chapter was a bit draining.

Beelzebub 82

October 29, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by CXC Scans]

This casual relationship between Toujou and Shizuka deserves a little explanation. It makes sense that strong characters would know each other, but we have yet to receive any backstory. That said, I’m certainly not asking for a flashback here, but hopefully this storyline will be explored later.

Izuma vs. Toujou? This is unusual timing. Granted, they have unfinished business, but there are far more pressing matters in the story that deserve the attention.

Great comedy as Oga tries to shirk his responsibility. Beelzebub always follows through with small running gags to maximum effect.

As if to prove my point, Baby Beel imitating Oga’s action from earlier in the chapter is hilarious.

Slow down there, Kitamura

En has an old-school Game Boy! That’s pretty unusual for someone of royal descent, but amusing nonetheless.

Since the announcement of the anime, the scene of En failing miserably at the Resident Evil spoof for PS2 is the first scene that I’ve strongly felt that I want to see animated. The entire scene is hilarious, from Sachura calling Furuichi a douche bag, through En boasting about his SNES and Genesis, to the mandatory trademark parodies, and finally to the ludicrous resolution.

For a kid, he sure has his priorities straight

The decision to convert En from potential enemy to background amusement, while introducing Behemoth as the new antagonist, is a great one. It is a bit jarring to suddenly be presented with another new enemy, right as we were beginning to understand En, but En isn’t nearly menacing enough to be the enemy to carry a demon world storyline. Just from the silhouette given of Behemoth, his suitability is obvious.

Oga is left in near-panic by En’s warning, and the chapter ends with Zenjuurou implementing one of the old badass standbys: Lounging around, perched high atop scaffolding. Training time?

Final Flash: Great comedy and a necessary villain switch. The gears are in motion.

Beelzebub 81

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

Right from the start, fanservice. I wonder who came up with the term “fanservice,” anyway. Given that shallow and unnecessary flaunting of sex appeal does nothing for me, I take exception to the term “fanservice.” I’m not being serviced. Give me some narrative and serious characters, and get these wet nurses out of here.

Less this, more Furuichi, please

Baby Beel’s older brother looks oddly reminiscent of someone from Medaka Box, but I don’t feel like depressing myself by looking up character names for that series. Regardless, the introduction of someone literally closely related to Beel is an exciting development. I’ve been longing for a return to demon-related plot, and even more than Zenjuurou, this obviously signals the full transition into such a storyline.

Izabella’s ability to summon a throne raises interesting possibilities for the future of Hilda. Clearly, comparison to the wet nurses serving En reveals that she is in dire need of improvement, and the rivalry between these camps (and specifically between Hilda and Yolda, at least) provides the necessary incentive for Hilda to power up. She deserves to remain a support character, and summoning abilities would suit her well.

There’s nothing more mature than Sprite on the rocks, after all.

Shaken, not-- wait, no, don't shake Sprite

Oga’s nonchalant explanation of the situation to Kunieda is fantastic deadpan comedy the way only Beelzebub can do it.

Oga going along with En wanting potato chips would be funny enough to stand out if it weren’t for the hilarious scenario immediately following it, with everyone involved taking the confrontation over to Furuichi’s house.

Oga understands the straight man role quite clearly

The last line of the chapter is exactly right; the king of Hell is extremely random. Zenjuurou’s earlier warning that Oga and Beel need to strengthen quickly seems to be proving correct far earlier than anticipated, and the scenario proving is right is much more direct than expected, as well. I hope this doesn’t turn the series into pure battle shonen, but more fighting is welcome, especially after the volleyball arc.

Final Flash: Excellent comedy and interesting developments, hampered slightly by an uncertain future.

Beelzebub 77

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

Baby Beel singing is the perfect way to start a chapter. How funny.

He has a fan club, too! This is great stuff. Also, Oga should really teach Beel the proper way to eat Pocky.

Just a little off with your aim, Beel

We’re right back in the comedic swing of things, with Kunieda’s followers just as harsh to Oga as they’ve ever been.

Miki is being unbelievably suggestive in his awkward approaches to Oga. Fortunately, Baby Beel has an appropriate reaction and facial expression for this, as well.


Shizuka and Toujou clearly have some history together, given that she feels comfortable enough with him to call him by a nickname. Shizuka has potential to be a good character, but so far we’ve seen far too little of her.

A very exciting meeting between Oga, Toujou, and Izuma is interrupted by this ominous new character. The fact that he is strong enough to wipe them all out in a flash is promising, as this series has lacked a consistent mentor character. Someone authoritative who can keep these delinquents in check is a welcome addition. Plus, his tattoo means he may be able to serve as a mentor to Oga with regard to the demon storyline, which deserves a renewed focus.

Final Flash: Great comedy and good action are the foundation of any enjoyable Beelzebub chapter.

Beelzebub 76

September 11, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

As awesome as Oga eschewing sensibility and consequences is, perhaps the situation called for a little less overwhelming power.

Judging from the following panels, it seems that Oga did not actually fully transform, but instead projected a horrifying vision to Kiriya. That said, what a fantastic scene.

Magnificently creepy

Izuma clearly knows something about Oga’s demonic power. As the secretly-evil student council president, Izuma has already been a good character; for him to become involved with the supernatural plot of the series further improves him, and it makes the transition back into such plot less jarring.

Exciting writing choice

Himekawa may only be a secondary character, but all the humor surrounding him makes him an invaluable member of the cast.

A real demon-related cliffhanger! Between the man with the Zebul tattoo and the teaser about Baby Beel, this cliffhanger appears to foreshadow exactly the plot the series needs right now.

Final Flash: Great conclusion to an underwhelming arc, and excellent intrigue heading into the new one.

Beelzebub 75

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

In case the news article and the mention in Beamcast wasn’t enough: Very excited about the Beelzebub anime, coming this January.

Excellent color cover page. The poses and positioning are good, and the colors are expertly chosen.

Miki wants Oga to call him by his first name? That is creepy.

Even Beel is appropriately creeped out

I like that the girls have been stopped from interfering with the fight, because I want to see Oga (and to a lesser extent, Miki) in action, but I still feel awkward about the sudden civility between Ishiyama and the Horsemen.

Oga stopping the big guy’s “Death Trailer” attack with one hand and delivering a menacing look is great. Oga retaliating with a newly-renamed finishing attack (and taking out two people with it) is immensely gratifying. This, not volleyball, is why the series became so good.

Good to see Miki not being undervalued here. He gets a full page to show off his major attack, and yet another Teimou delinquent is out.

Even Furuichi is in form!

Furuichi reactions should be mandatory

Oga is using the full Zebub power! What a return to form this chapter is. No regard for consequences, no unnecessary drama, no deviation from the action. Just Oga being the evil delinquent that brought Beel to him in the first place.

Final Flash: Fantastic chapter. The relationship between the Horsemen and Ishiyama is still awkward, but Oga being Oga more than makes up for that.

Extra chapter mini-review:

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

Refreshing to see everyone back home. It’s been a while since we’ve been in this kind of a relaxing setting.

Beel vs. cats! Unlike the Edolas arc in Fairy Tail, the cats here are being used exclusively for comedy, and only in a special extra chapter, so they’re acceptable.

The pinnacle of manliness

Excellent punchline at the very end. Poorly-cooked croquettes are disgusting.

Final Flash: Cute chapter, and an amusing diversion from the main story action.

Beelzebub 74

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

Kiriya’s plan is to get Oga expelled through violence. I suppose that’s fitting for this series and these characters.

It’s quite surprising that Oga hasn’t immediately disregarded the consequences and struck back at Kiriya.

Miki steps in to retaliate on behalf of Oga. It’s looking like the Oga/Miki conflict is behind us, and that Kiriya will force a reconciliation.

Well, you were a little slow in realizing what Oga did for you, Miki (… years slow, in fact), but at least you’ve finally come around.

Menacing Oga returns! Excellent panel and following page.

You've been missed, demon

Great way to end the chapter, with Oga recognizing Miki by name.

Final Flash: The first completely volleyball-free Beelzebub chapter since the sports festival began is a clear step back in the right direction.

Beelzebub 73

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

The first page says “Climax!!” Unlike Fairy Tail, I’m choosing to believe Beelzebub.

The volleyball match is over in the first two pages. Perhaps Tamura has realized that a return to action is long overdue. Regardless, this is extremely pleasing.

Bizarre sportsmanship between Ishiyama and the Horsemen. The new afro character is sure to play an important role, but the Horsemen shouldn’t just be brushed aside.

For the time being, at least, it seems the afro has the floor, and it’s Kiriya! (For those who don’t recall, he’s the baddie from Miki’s flashback, the guy with the bizarre claw-like nails.) He’s “here to destroy everything about [Oga’s] life.” He’s certainly leaving no questions to be asked on where he stands, at least.

At least Oga is taking him seriously

A traditional Oga ego-crushing retort (complete with priceless Baby Beel facial expression), and the chapter is over. Oga’s derisive attitude towards Kiriya is amusing, but I’m not entirely sure how well it will work with the serious undertones of this arc, given the legitimate tension between the Horsemen and the Ishiyama students. These are both plot lines that I want to see resolved properly, but I’m not convinced that can happen simultaneously.

Final Flash: Funny chapter, and a welcome end to the volleyball.

Beelzebub 72

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

Just because Lock On! has been canceled doesn’t mean Beelzebub needs to compensate for Jump’s sudden lack of speed lines.

More Furuichi is always a positive

A bit of an awkward conversation between Hilda and Kunieda. Kunieda’s feelings for Oga are still cute, but the real thing to take away from this exchange is how focused Hilda is on finding this demon.

Surprisingly touching thought from Kunieda. Beelzebub has yet to really attempt even slightly emotional scenes, likely with good reason, but this one isn’t bad.

Perfect amount of starkness in this panel

Kunieda’s return to the court sparks a comeback from the Ishiyama team. The team rallying together (“Hell yeah!”) and Oga’s spike are both cool moments, and seeing the crowd slowly change allegiance is nice, but all only within the context of this arc. This entire volleyball tangent is still taking entirely too long.

The mystery character knows Oga. Is he someone from Oga’s past, or is he the “demon” Hilda has been searching for? I’m hoping strongly for the latter.

Final Flash: Good volleyball arc chapter, which equates only to a decent Beelzebub chapter.

Beelzebub 71

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

Nice Jump cover, and good coloring of the chapter cover page.

More volleyball. Let’s hope for some outstanding comedy to make up for the disappointment of not being in a fighting arc.

Great facial expressions

This is a fantastic chapter for facial expressions, so far. Both the above picture and the group shot at the bottom of page 7 are very funny.

Baby Beel being used as a decoy is good stuff, but it’s his expression that makes the scene amazing.

Silent understanding between men

Some silly but amusing moments featuring Baby Beel, but this still doesn’t have the engaging quality of earlier, action-packed chapters.

Izuma starts to get serious just in time for the chapter to end.

Final Flash: More enjoyable than the last couple chapters, but still lacking.

Beelzebub 70

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

A cat. There’s a cat.

The sub-conversation between Izuma and Kunieda is very amusing.

Don't you dare take Beel out of the picture

A little spotlight for Kunieda! Good.

Oga going up for the overhead kick is pretty funny. While surely purely used for comedy, this move could also be referencing a real sport, sepak takraw, which is essentially volleyball played with the feet.

Final Flash: A couple good moments in this chapter, but this volleyball business is still in the way of interesting plot.

Beelzebub 69

[scanlation by Keishou]

Shonen Jump references! Nice to see some appreciation for some other great series, especially Sket Dance, which (I am obligated to remind the internet) desperately needs translators to bring the series up to date. It is hilarious and well worth the time.

Kyle and Switch are too awesome for just one series each

Poor Alain Delon. Creepy mustached interdimensional vessels deserve maid cafe love, too.

Fun gag scenes involving Furuichi and the maids.

Eat up, Predator. It's getting cold.

The Horsemen are keeping things under control after all. They may be antagonists, but they still show loyalty towards their school. Good characterization.

Not at all on time, Oga is finally here. The “setup chapter” feel from all this is overwhelming.

Clearly, the long-haired character who was mixed in with all the thugs from Teimou has an upcoming important role to play. Could he even be the “demon lurking within the school” Hildegarde and Alain Delon spoke of chapters ago?

Not to be ignored

Final Flash: Some funny moments, but very much a preparatory chapter.

Beelzebub 68

[chapter link]

Oga lost after all. Ultimately, hiding the ending of the fight until this chapter was just a plot device. Disappointing.

Furuichi watching the upcoming fight while eating serves no particular purpose other than being funny. Still, it accomplishes that well.


Toujou is right. Oga has become weak. I like that the main character has to again claw his way to the top of a newly-established power hierarchy, but it’s a little confusing that there wasn’t a transition. Oga went from the top to mediocre without any real explanation.

Baby Beel steals the chapter. Fantastic scene with him awarding the victory to Oga.

Finally, time for the school festival.

Final Flash: Beelzebub seems to be in a confused state right now. Its pacing is awkward and its characters, while still funny, are stagnating without appropriate development. Hopefully the school festival either brings back some consistent quality or ends quickly to pave the way for a new story arc.

Beelzebub 67

[chapter link]

Excellent cover page.

Poor Baby Beel! His unbelievably cool moment was overshadowed by Miki jumping the gun. Furuichi cowering makes up for it, though.

Poor son of the devil

Oga is taking an interesting approach to this fight. He’s active but somewhat non-committal.

We don’t get to see Miki’s big move? Disappointing.

Oga is beat up but still fairly nonchalant. Keeping the action hidden from the audience that seems the wrong approach here. It only serves to weaken the image of Miki, while doing nothing to reinforce Oga’s strength. Nobody wins.

Final Flash: A misstep for this series. Everything to do with Miki has resulted in mishandled potential.

Beelzebub 66

[chapter link]

Young Oga is so far proving to be hilarious (bragging about the Buddha, explaining his logic behind claiming the big Katsu).

Oga was even kind enough to Miki back then to go help him out. There must be some major shock or huge misunderstanding coming, because at this point, present-day Miki seems unreasonable.

You might want to get that hand of yours checked out, flashback baddie. It doesn’t look normal.


Those fingernails weren’t just for show, fortunately. Also, I know nails are sharp, but I question if they’re strong enough to be used in this manner without breaking… not that I’m attempting to question realism in a series about the son of the devil.

The most evil face in shonen?

There’s the misunderstanding. Oga is pretending he doesn’t know Miki, for Miki’s own sake. Meanwhile, Miki, who has been seeking acceptance from Oga, takes Oga’s act the wrong way. The scenario is straightforward but effective.

Well, straightforward with an Oga twist, which implies violence.

Final Flash: As long as this flashback doesn’t last much longer, it’s an acceptable explanation for Miki’s actions, which also provides him with the means to redeem himself in the near future.