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Psyren 113

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Swimming through ground? Huh. Neat.

Damn! Moriyama was totally my favorite character.

So, he can pass his body through others’ at will? Interesting power, if a little unoriginal.

Aw, he’s an artist character. Those are definitely unoriginal.

That’s right, Shao. No one touches Marie.

Final Flash: One Shonen Jump war ends, another begins. This one may not have the epic scale of the other, but it could still be good. The only worry is the relative anonymity of the enemies.

Psyren 112

Over 500 survivors? Another interesting difference during this trip to Psyren.

Marie is cute, and seems to be more determined this time.

Amamiya jealous is something I would like to see, if there was enough time to take focus away from the main action. Right now, there isn’t.

Ageha’s sister! And a baby. Whoa.

Their dad? Wow, this is completely different.

Enemies convenient in number for the purpose of individual fights!

Final Flash: I suppose technically a transition chapter, but one fascinating enough not to feel dull in the slightest. This Psyren trip has yet to disappoint.

Psyren 111

Whoa. Impact right away. Pretty cool, though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking of Wild Wild West a little bit.

Unless I’m forgetting something major, this is a vastly different Psyren. Interesting.

Is Kyle ever not awesome? I wish he was part of the main group. In fact, I’m just going to consider him a main character.

I still like Melchsee’s Door, even if it might make Ageha a little broken.

Fist-bumping: It’s never cool.

Final Flash: So far so good, this trip to Psyren.

Psyren 110

No white backgrounds! Bad Psyren!

Fist-bumping: It’s never cool.

Shinkibenibone? Rolls right off the tongue.

I like the new Nemesis Q. Having an ominous, detached figure worked for as long as it did, but it was time to evolve.

More Kabuto, please.

Final Flash: As good a set-up chapter as we could expect. Now, to business.

Psyren 109

March 5, 2010 3 comments

The art seems different this week. Not worse, just different.

Amamiya’s girly side is cute… and hilarious.

Not surprised to see the kids interfere with Yoshina and Amamiya, but I’m pleased there was actually some progression there. There isn’t much time to expand upon this relationship, so it’s nice to see the few chapters between arcs being used like this.

Finally! Another call. I’ve been looking forward to returning to Psyren for so long.

Final Flash: A transitional chapter, but a good one.