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History of Shonen Addendum

For those of you who came tonight: Thank you! I’m very pleased with how the event went overall, and by the size of the crowd. I’m somewhat amazed that I was able to speak for nearly five hours, but time seemed to fly by (at least, to me), so I hope it was as entertaining for all of you as it was for me. I loved the casual atmosphere, and I was completely flattered that non-regulars to anime club actually came to watch me. Thank you so much.

The series list I promised is right here:

History of Shonen series list

Series in bold are an arbitrary declaration of the more important titles, and are a decent indication of series to read in terms of overall relevance (not necessarily quality).

I must ask that no one use the list for any purpose other than personal enjoyment or reference without my permission.

I also want to briefly elaborate on a claim I made a few times about some series, which may be hard to understand without proper explanation. I mentioned how some series are able to do comedy brilliantly well, but then feature uncharacteristically heartfelt chapters which were done very effectively. A perfect example:

How to set up and deliver a punchline: Gintama 171
How to charm your readers: Gintama 172

The effect is only strengthened by the fact that these chapters are back-to-back. The non-comedy chapters of Sket Dance achieve a similar effect.

For the record, I wholeheartedly recommend changing your online manga reader to MangaToshokan. Uncompressed images and a clean website layout make it markedly better than OneManga or MangaFox, which I only use for anything not yet uploaded to MT.

If you’ve been inspired to discover new series, and are pleased with what you find, please let me know! I’m curious to know how well-received my recommendations are.

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