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Gamaran 39

It’s too bad we don’t get to see these other schools fight until Gama meets each of them. That’s a pretty poor way of building up a credible antagonist.

It’s Ranmaru!… ok, which one is he again? I’m fairly favorable towards this series, but aside from Gama and Naoyoshi-san, I’d have a difficult time producing names from memory.

Ok, it is pretty cool that Ranmaru is a student of Jinsuke. There isn’t enough development in the Jinsuke storyline.

Ranmaru steps in to fight? This is one hell of a Ranmaru chapter, which is just bizarre.

Final Flash: Ranmaru v. nobodies isn’t a fight I really care to see. If all we’re going to get is a tournament, I at least want to see said tournament.

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