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Defense Devil 41

It’s amazing how this art manages to be incredibly detailed yet easy to follow. Some series (Trigun Maximum, for one) have so much detail that it overwhelms the eyes.

Sweeper alert! Further proving the infatuation mangaka have with the term “sweeper.”

Oh dear. A pig.

“I must wear evil cutie makeup” – This may be profoundly ridiculous, but at least it’s honest. Better than dark fantasy series pretending to be legitimate while leaving a trail of glitter all over the place.

The car’s name is “Jody” when the license plate clearly says “Zodi”? Really, I Eat Manga? I have my doubts.

(Oh, by the way, start your KITT references now.)

The car is also perverted and makes bad puns? The hood skirt-flip was amusing, but this could become tiresome.

“GILTY”? Come on, even if that was in the original (which it is), fix it.

Go-go-gadget ridiculous car chapter.

Final Flash: Overall, displeased with the car. Not a good fit in this series.

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