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Naruto 489

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A color cover full of characters I don’t like.

Don’t even think about eating Tonton. She’s far more interesting than any of those guys on the cover.

Okay, Naruto digging in to the bug stew right away did make me chuckle.

The Octopus is obviously Killerbee, and everyone with a hint of a brain synapse already knew Naruto would fight Sasuke. Great job, old frog.

If Kishimoto were to maintain character consistency since the beginning, Naruto would refuse to unlock the seal.

I liked Kabuto when he was the clever, intelligent, shady right-hand man. I’m not sure if I like this Kabuto. Also, is every death in Naruto for the purpose of a summon later in the series?

Final Flash: Next chapter will be pivotal in determining the quality of the end of the series.

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