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Kimi no Iru Machi 84

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Suzuka and Yamato fighting! Cute and unsurprising. Unfortunately, the constant references to Suzuka are beginning to have a negative effect; I’ve enjoyed Kimi no Iru Machi as a whole, but not nearly as much as Suzuka.

For anyone interested, the cast are at a real race track: Tsukuba Circuit, in Ibaraki Prefecture. (Haruto calls it Ibaragi, an apparently common mispronunciation.)

I think I could have done without Kazama being sick. It’s already enough to swap out half the cast of the series midway through; don’t make me care for a whole new set of dramatic circumstances. Couldn’t Kazama just be an aspiring racer?

It’s hard to tell if Kazama is actively trying to push Haruto and Mishima together or only joking.

That ended quickly. Haruto is the one who needed cheering up, not the audience; we don’t need an entire chapter at a race track.

Final Flash: I read a theory online that Kazama is Eba’s new boyfriend. This would be horrible and unnecessary. I’m okay with Kazama and Mishima now, but please, not too much more. Stick to the main storyline.

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