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Bakuman 82

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Excellent cover page. Absolutely love the colors.

The first (non-cover) page is a perfect example of when to use speed lines and blank backgrounds! Great contrast between the large panel and the stark bottom panels.

True to life, Bleach gets some semblance of mention on the Jump cover. This brings back up an interesting discussion: What series are currently running in the fictional Bakuman version of Jump? We’ve seen several real-life series mentioned, but with also several series by fictional mangaka. I wonder if fictional Jump is simply larger to accommodate both real-life and fictional series, or if the fictional series replace any real-life series (and if so, which?).

Aiming for serious humor is a brilliant idea.

Weekly Aoki Ko! Amazing.

It’s nice to see the other authors’ assistants.

A postcard from Hattori? Huh. No idea what that could be about.

Final Flash: Lacks the impact of previous chapters, but contains quite a bit of necessary development.

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