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Defense Devil 47

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Little difficult to take Idamaria seriously with cat ears.

P2: Whoa. Apparently Idamaria’s stand is from RahXephon.

Why did Mario games never let you hitch a ride on those huge irritating fish?

P6: 6 + 2 = 7. You heard it in Defense Devil first.

P7: I… have absolutely no idea what’s going on in this fight anymore.

So, a bear, with other bears for hands, is punching demons in full-body spandex?

P8, bottom panel: Why, hello there, Yagami Light. How nice of you to cameo in another manga.

Hurry, Luffy! Escape from the stomach of the giant snake! … oh, wait.

I wish my heart looked like a smaller, angrier version of me.

Hell clothing: Designed with panty shots in mind.

Final Flash: Some solid action, some completely nonsensical action, some more fanservice.

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