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Bleach 404

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Sadly, our wish of “Bleach 404” being a missing chapter error message did not come true.

Well, five pages in, and it feels like the chapter’s missing. Nothing happening. Just staring.

Unnecessary and ill-timed comic relief between Yoruichi and Kisuke.

Tired of seeing extreme close-ups of these three. If you’re going to kill someone off, hurry the hell up and do it. It’s not like there’s going to be any impact anyway; might as well get it over with.

Oh, right, Ichigo’s here.

Again, Gin is spot on in his remarks about Ichigo. Gin is easily the only tolerable character left in this series.

P16, middle panel: I’m sorry, is that supposed to be an attack? Is that art supposed to convey anything?

Ichigo, already useless, resorts to Hollow mode. Great.

There’s Matsumoto again. Do something this time.

Final Flash: Typical putrid Bleach.

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