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Fairy Tail 184

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Cover page says “Climax of the Edolas Arc.” I am holding you to this, chapter.

Taurus: Useless, as always.

Virgo, now. Proving Lucy’s powerlessness before she reveals a new summon, maybe? I don’t know. There’s no sense of purpose to this fight.

I am entirely unsurprised that Mashima is having a cute girl fighting a baddie with tentacles.

You can’t use a “protect your friends” speech when the character is trying to save a stranger. This is a basic storytelling principle.

Yep, Lucy proved to be unnecessary. Natsu would have come through that wall and saved the day whether or not the octopus guy was tied up. Chalking this up to fanservice.

Two mid-bosses were defeated, and that’s the “climax of the Edolas arc”? Gray hasn’t even fought, Erza is still fighting herself somewhere, the old man has yet to reveal his power, and there are surely at least two more “shocking” developments in this cheap Enies Lobby ripoff.

Final Flash: Chapter, that’s unacceptable false advertising. I demand to see your supervisor, chapter.

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