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History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 383

[chapter link]

Cover page: Just in case last chapter wasn’t enough reminder that Matsuena is comfortable with fanservice.

(Speaking of which, just one page later…)

The full cast is here! Didn’t need the shallow foreshadowing, though. (“I wonder what everyone from Shinpaku are doing right now”)

Oh, Apachai.

P10, top panel: After reading Lock On!, I really appreciate the time Matsuena and/or assistants took to draw this hotel properly. The top-level balconies particularly look great.

P11-13: Have I mentioned fanservice lately?

Touchuumaru is adorable with that parachute.

Niijima with Kenichi and the masters should prove extremely interesting. The masters are brilliant, but Niijima is a completely different style of tactician. I think he would have come up with something better than breaking through the front gate.

Final Flash: Setup complete! Just in time, too. Ready for some long-awaited master action.

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