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Kimi no Iru Machi 93

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Always nice when magazines remind us how super popular a series is.

Amusing first two pages. That’s the kind of small touch this series has missed.

So, if Haruto freaks out Eba, Mishima is going to beat him with a bat? Brutal. Actually, that’s excellent.

Kazama certainly isn’t helping his own cause. It seems as though he’s trying to set Haruto and Eba up again, knowing he’ll soon be gone.

Beef stroganoff? It’s a bit odd to hear that used in the context of haute cuisine. Perhaps Chef Boyardee has tarnished the name of good food.

He’s actually going to make it. Our protagonist, ladies and gentlemen.

Final Flash: Unsettling turn of events. It’s nice that Haruto is being persistent, but it will feel like a shallow victory for Haruto (not to mention a colossal waste of time for the series) if Kazama continues to practically hand over the girl he’s supposed to be fighting for.

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